California Water Meter Disclosure

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California Landlords that charge Tenants separately for water usage or those required to use water submeters must provide Tenants with a Water Meter Disclosure.

This form complies with all California requirements and is EZ to customize online.

Document Last Modified: 5/21/2023

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Who Needs a California Water Meter Disclosure?

California has complex laws when it comes to water meters and submeters. All rental units built after January 1, 2018, that apply to a water purveyor for water connection must have water submeters for each unit.

Any Landlord that plans to charge a Tenant separately for water usage or that is required to install a water submeter must provide a Tenant with a specific disclosure about the water meter.

This disclosure must be in at least 10-point font and either included in the Rental Agreement or as an addendum to the Lease Agreement.

Our California Water Meter Disclosure complies with all state requirements and is intended to be used as an Addendum to the California Lease Agreement.

Pro Tip: With our Lease Builder Wizard, it only takes about 15 minutes to create a complete California Lease Agreement that is GUARANTEED to comply with all state laws.

If your property has a submeter or you charge Tenants separately for water, this disclosure MUST be included in your Lease Package.

It only takes about 5 minutes to create and customize!

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