Move-In/Move-Out Walk-Through Checklist

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This form is designed to document the condition of a rental unit both at move-in and at move-out, to determine what damage the tenant caused.

Document Last Modified: 10/1/2019

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State Specific Clauses

VA State Assist

§ 55-248.11:1. Inspection of premises.
The landlord shall, within five days after occupancy of a dwelling unit, submit a written report to the tenant, for his safekeeping, itemizing damages to the dwelling unit existing at the time of occupancy, which record shall be deemed correct unless the tenant objects thereto in writing within five days after receipt thereof. The landlord may adopt a written policy allowing the tenant to prepare the written report of the move-in inspection, in which case the tenant shall submit a copy to the landlord, which record shall be deemed correct unless the landlord objects thereto in writing within five days after receipt thereof. Such written policy adopted by the landlord may also provide for the landlord and the tenant to prepare the written report of the move-in inspection jointly, in which case both the landlord and the tenant shall sign the written report and receive a copy thereof, at which time the inspection record shall be deemed correct.

New as of July 1, 2013**
If neither the landlord nor tenants agree in writing on how the disposition of a security deposit will be made, then it shall be paid with one check payable to ALL tenants, joint and several and sent to the forwarding address that was provided by the tenants. If the tenants do not provide a forwarding address within one year after vacating the rental premises and after a 45 day statutory period ends, the remaining amount of that security deposit shall be turned over to the Commonwealth and will be paid into the Commonwealth of Virginia’s state treasury and credited to the Virginia Housing Partnership Revolving Fund. Once this occurs, the landlord is absolved of all responsibility to the tenant regarding the security deposit.
Landlords/property managers are required to account for any expenses which will be taken from a tenant’s Security Deposit for damages at the end of a tenancy. The best and most accurate way to assess what damages were caused by tenant, is to track the condition of the home from the start by using the ezLandlordForms Move-In/Move-Out Checklist.

The Move-In/Move-Out Checklist is comprehensive, reliable and convenient. At or just prior to lease signing, you should plan a walk-through appointment with your tenants. Every room is accounted for on the Move-In/Move Out Checklist however, if your property encompasses additional rooms not accounted for in the Move-In/Move-Out Checklist, additional sheets may be used. The important thing to remember when completing the Move-In/Move-Out Checklist is that the tenant(s) and you (or your rep) walk the property together and carefully visit every room checking every item on the list.

The form has a section for notes, and, of course, dates and signatures. These become essential if there is ever a dispute about whether or not tenant caused damage. Keep in mind that all damages should be accounted for on the form at the time of the walk-through, regardless of how minor they may be.

Of course, you will keep a copy and maintain in tenant’s file. The tenant should also be given a copy immediately following the walk-through. A copy should also be made readily available should they misplace the original.

The same procedure must be followed at the time of a tenant’s move out. Be sure to schedule the move out walk through appointment for just a day or two after the tenant actually moves out. Scheduling a move-out walk-through before a tenant actually moves out can prove fruitless as there are many things that can be damaged in a move-out. Any items, including trash left in the property after move-out should be noted on the Move-In/Move-Out Checklist.

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