California 3 Day Notice to Perform or Quit

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Use this CA 3 Day Eviction Notice when a tenant has violated the lease agreement but the problem CAN be fixed (e.g. renter is smoking inside a non-smoking unit).

Document Last Modified: 4/18/2024

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It happens. Your tenant does something that goes against the lease agreement that does not have to do with a rental payment. Perhaps it is sneaking in a dog or cat, inviting family and friends to move in who are not already listed on the lease or a simple failure to clean up the yard. What is a landlord to do?

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In the state of California, a landlord would provide a notification to the tenant with the choice for that tenant to either fix or take care of the situation OR leave. So, when driving past your three-bedroom bungalow rental; you notice that a dog-house and a loud barking is coming from the yard. Scratching your head, you remember clearly stating in your rental agreement that you have a strict no-pet policy.

Send this “ezLandlordforms’ California Three-Day Notice to Perform or Quit” to your tenant, preferably as soon as you notice the situation. You will be able to explain the violation (Unauthorized pet) and give your tenant a remedy (remove the pet immediately) directly in the notice. This notice gives the tenant or tenants three full days. Counting begins with the day after the tenant receives the letter. Weekends and holidays are counted as days, however, if the last day of the fix or move period ends on a weekend or holiday, you will have to wait until the courts are open to continue the process.

California has varied regulations and procedures in each location, so be sure to contact your local court to obtain the specifics. In most cases, your letter will be delivered to the tenant in one of either of three ways: personal delivery (sometimes called hand delivery), service by a professional such as a sheriff, constable or paid server or by posting the notice on the door in addition to mailing it.

WARNING: California does have laws regarding eviction and domestic violence that may change the procedure. If this is the situation at hand, please check the law.

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