California 30 Day Notice to Vacate

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The California 30 Day Notice to Vacate ends a periodic tenancy of less than one year for rental units not in rent-controlled jurisdictions.

Document Last Modified: 5/9/2023

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When a resident reaches the end of his or her occupancy there are specific procedures for both landlord and tenant to obey to end the lease properly. This form is only to be used for tenancies that are periodic, which means that there is no predetermined ending date. A 30-Day Notice to Vacate may be used for periodic leases that are LESS THAN 12 MONTHS IN DURATION. California is very exact and precise in its requirements for ending a lease.

Although this specific form does not have to state the landlord's reason for ending the tenancy, the reason cannot be unreasonable. Landlords are encouraged to do their due diligence in learning the requirements for their local jurisdictions. In specific locations where rents are controlled, landlords may need to use a completely different form and follow requirements set by the rent-controlled location. Under these circumstances, the landlord is encouraged to contact the local housing office.

For tenancies that are over one year, a 60-Day Notice should be used.

When the landlord is ready to end the lease, this is provided to the tenant 30 Days ahead of time. This gives that tenant either 30 days to move out. If the tenant does not leave before the end of the 30 days, then the landlord may initiate eviction. When sending this form, the landlord may hand it personally to the tenant or someone who lives with the tenant who is of an appropriate age, the notice itself may be posted upon the door of the premises or in another visible location or the landlord may mail this form by certified or registered mail.

This form is NOT TO BE used for Section 8 tenants. Tenants who are participating in a Section 8 program are entitled to a reason.

If a landlord is dealing with a violation of a lease, they may use the California 3 Day Notice to Perform or Quit or the California 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit.

Note: This is a no-cause notice for tenants who ARE NOT in a rent-controlled location.

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