California AB 1482 Rent Control & Eviction Exemption Form

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California Landlords must provide Tenants with this Notice of Exemption if their property is exempt from the requirements of California AB 1482.

Document Last Modified: 2/16/2023

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Exemptions from California AB 1482

California AB 1482 provides limits on rent increases and requires a statement of cause in evictions. However, rental units that were built within the last 15 years or single-family homes meeting certain requirements are exempt from AB 1482.

More specifically, single-family homes or condos are exempt from AB 1482 if:

  1. The owner is not a real estate investment trust, a corporation, or a limited liability company in which at least one member is a corporation; AND
  2. The owner provides the Tenant with written notice of the exemption.

If your property falls into this category, you MUST provide Tenants with a Notice of Exemption in order to be exempt from the requirements of AB 1482.

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