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Free Rental Agreement

Alabama Lease Agreement

Alaska Lease Agreement

Arkansas Lease Agreement

Arizona Lease Agreement

California Lease Agreement

Connecticut Lease Agreement

Colorado Lease Agreement

Delaware Lease Agreement

District of Columbia Lease Agreement

Florida Lease Agreement

Georgia Lease Agreement

Hawaii Lease Agreement

Idaho Lease Agreement

Illinois Lease Agreement

Indiana Lease Agreement

Kansas Lease Agreement

Iowa Lease Agreement

Kentucky Lease Agreement

Louisiana Lease Agreement

Maine Lease Agreement

Maryland Lease Agreement

Massachusetts Lease Agreement

Michigan Lease Agreement

Minnesota Lease Agreement

Mississippi Lease Agreement

Missouri Lease Agreement

Montana Lease Agreement

Nebraska Lease Agreement

Nevada Lease Agreement

New Hampshire Lease Agreement

New Jersey Lease Agreement

New Mexico Lease Agreement

New York Lease Agreement

North Carolina Lease Agreement

North Dakota Lease Agreement

Ohio Lease Agreement

Oklahoma Lease Agreement

Oregon Lease Agreement

Pennsylvania Lease Agreement

Rhode Island Lease Agreement

South Carolina Lease Agreement

South Dakota Lease Agreement

Tennessee Lease Agreement

Texas Lease Agreement

Utah Rental/Lease Agreement

Vermont Lease Agreement

Virginia Lease Agreement

Washington Lease Agreement

West Virginia Lease Agreement

Wisconsin Lease Agreement

Wyoming Lease Agreement

Alberta Rental Lease Agreement

British Columbia Tenancy Agreement

Manitoba Lease Agreement (Official)

New Brunswick Lease Agreement (Official)

Nova Scotia Lease Agreement (Official)

Ontario Rental Lease Agreement

Prince Edward Island Lease Agreement (Official)

Residential Lease Agreement

Free Lease Agreement

Rental Agreement (Month-to-Month)

Commercial Lease Agreement

Vacation Rental Agreement

Garage / Storage Lease Agreement

Sublease Agreement / Sublet Contract

Montgomery County Lease (Single-Family)

Montgomery County Lease (Multi-Family Building)

Hunting Lease Agreement

Lease Addendum Template

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure & Certification

Lead Paint Pamphlet (EPA) for Units Built Before 1978

Free Rental Application (Paperless)

Free Rental Application (Handwrite-In)

Tenant Welcome Letter

Non-Renewal Notice

Wisconsin Lease Renewal OR Notice to Vacate

Quick Tips: Rental/Lease Agreements

Rule #1 of Property Management: Protect yourself with a comprehensive, state-specific lease agreement that proactively covers all common landlord-tenant disputes.

Shaking hands is polite, but it’s no substitute for a legal contract between two parties that often end up in court. It’s unimaginable that a landlord would ever attempt to rent property without the benefit of a written lease/rental agreement. In some states and provinces it is legally required that a long-term lease be in writing.

And not just the lease contract itself. Many states require specific disclosures or addenda to be signed and included with the lease agreement. This is often the case even with month-to-month rental agreements.

To make our lease even easier for landlords, you can import all of the data directly from the rental application or credit reports and criminal reports, with one click. The rental application is free and 100% online – no papers, faxing, scanning or any other headaches. Just enter the applicant’s name and email address, and select if you want to include credit reports and criminal checks. We can charge the renter directly for the tenant screening reports, and when you find the perfect tenant, just click a single button to import all of the information into the lease wizard for an instant lease package!

Note: Despite some regional differences in how people refer to leases, a “lease agreement” and a “rental agreement” are simply two terms for the same legal document. We offer both variations in language to suit our customers’ preferences, but there is no legal difference, we just do it to make everyone happy.

EzLandlordForms offers many types of rental agreements including:
  • Month-to-Month
  • Garage and Storage
  • Sublease/Sublet
  • Lease Renewal
  • FREE Lease Agreements
  • State-Specific & Province-Specific (as soon as you enter the property address, the wizard will change settings to your state/province)
  • Purchase Option
  • Hunting Lease
Not only are our lease agreements U.S. state-specific and Canadian province-specific, but they also provide state law tips as you fill in the details of your lease. When you fill in the security deposit, for example, we’ll tell you what the legal limits are in your state. You’ll see these green highlighted State Assist tips as you complete your printable rental agreement.

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