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This Rental Application will provide the landlord with the necessary information about the inquiring applicants, excluding the marital status question.

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Document Last Modified: 6/1/2023

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State Specific Clauses

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The application fee cannot legally be more than the landlord’s actual out-of-pocket costs, and can never be more than $49.50. The landlord must provide a tenant a receipt that itemizes his or her out-of-pocket expenses in obtaining and processing the information about the tenant. The landlord must return any unused portion of the fee (for example, if the landlord does not check tenant references).

WARNING: In California, you may not require an applicant to provide marital status!

Before having someone move into the rented premises, it is very important for a landlord to make sure he/she is choosing a tenant suitable for the property. In order for a landlord to make sure that he/she is making an appropriate decision a Rental Application should be filled out. This form allows the landlord to get a substantial amount of information on the tenant. Getting the proper information will allow the landlord to get a good idea of where the tenant is financially in regard to renting the property.

How to send a Free Online Rental Application

1. Go to the Tenant Screening page and click, send a request.
2. Add the applicant's name(s) and email addresses.
3. Choose a Rental Application without screening (free) or with Tenant Screening.

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Each state has specific rental application criteria. In almost every state, an applicant must provide some type of permission to the landlord to perform any kind of background screening.

The ezLandlordForms’ Rental Application meets the needs of the states that do not allow a landlord to request the marital status of an applicant. This very confidential form includes personal information about the tenant as well as previous rental history. The Rental Application allows the applicant to list all of the proposed occupants as well as any pets that are presumed to live on the premises. This form also includes information on the prospective tenant’s financial information including employment, Income, and credit information.

IMPORTANT: The Rental Application offers the option for e-signature. To e-mail this form please download the document, then attach it to your e-mail. This form can not be e-mailed from the website

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