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Document Last Modified: 10/24/2018

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California state law specifically addresses the use of all pest control substances that may be applied in and around rental dwelling units. The law describes exactly how occupants must be notified of pesticide use - whether the pesticides are being applied by licensed and registered pest control agents or are being applied by those who are not licensed and registered to apply pesticides. The state’s pest control rules apply to any substance that the federal government has defined as a material designed to control, repel or kill living pests or organisms that transmit or produce disease, or that cause property damage.

California’s Business and Professional code governs the actions of licensed and registered structural pest control companies. The companies are required to provide rental property owners with abundant information, including a schedule for when pesticides will be applied, possible side effects from the substances and other details prior to the pesticide application. California’s Civil Code governs the rental property owners and their agents. Landlords and their agents are legally obligated to give information from the pest control company to all tenants.

Landlords who contract with licensed pest control operators for regular application of these substances in and around rental dwelling units must give all new tenants copies of the pesticide information that the pest control operator has provided. Tenants must be given the schedule for the regular pesticide service.

In addition, the landlord must issue a separate notice to tenants any time that the landlord or landlord’s agent who is not a licensed pest control operator plans to apply a pest control substance to common rental property areas. This California Notice of Pest Control Treatment must be issued by the landlord in advance. The notice tells tenants that a pesticide is going to be applied by an unlicensed operator on a specific date. The notice must be posted in a conspicuous location in the rental property common area.

This California Notice of Pest Control Treatment must be downloaded and filled in. The law requires that it be written using common language and terms and must include the following details:
List of pests that will be controlled by the pesticide
Name and brand of the pesticide product that the landlord or agent will be using
A statement that California requires that this notice be given to tenants

For more information on California state laws governing the use of pesticides by unlicensed operators in rental properties, go to the state Civil Code section.

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