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Our Tenant Screening Services all in one convenient package, include full FICO Score, credit reports, eviction history, and nationwide criminal background checks

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Need a rental application?

Not ready to do a full background check yet? You can start the process with a free online rental application. This will provide you all of the basic information about your applicant and will help you to determine whether the applicant is qualified or not.

All you need to send a tenant screening request or an online rental application is the applicant's full name and email address. You will send them a request and they will fill out the rest, it’s ez.

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What’s included in our Credit Reports?

Credit Report

We’ve partnered with TransUnion Credit Bureau to offer full tenant screening services. Our credit reports pull a detailed SOFT CREDIT (That’s right it won’t affect your applicant's credit score!!!) history. The history you receive will include:

  • FICO Score
  • Credit Accounts
  • Payment History
  • Judgements
  • Bankruptcies
  • …and other red flags

*** Report won’t effect tenant’s credit score

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What’s included in our Criminal background checks??

In this thorough background check our tenant screening services verify the very identity of each applicant and track any unwanted criminal history back a minimum of ten years. Knowing your applicant is key to protecting your property to the fullest and finding your next great tenant. In this tenant screening service you will find:

  • Nationwide search
  • Sex offender data
  • Fraud alerts & Identity verification
  • DEA, FBI, ODAC, other databases and Most Wanted Lists
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Background Check

Add on an Eviction History Report for $4.99 more

Has your applicant been evicted in the past? Add this Eviction History Report to your tenant screening for just $5 more. This will provide even more information about your applicant(s), helping you make better decisions and choosing a better tenant. Knowledge is power, choose your tenant wisely.

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