Information on Dampness and Mold for Renters in California

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As of January 1, 2022, California Landlords are required to provide this informational booklet to Tenants before entering into a Lease Agreement.

Document Last Modified: 10/13/2022

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Dampness and Mold Info for California Tenants

In accordance with the 2001 Toxic Mold Protection Act, California Landlords are required to provide all new Tenants with the Information on Dampness and Mold for Renters in California booklet. The booklet explains:

  • The potential health risks that may result from exposure to mold.
  • Signs of dampness and mold.
  • Causes of dampness that can allow mold to grow.
  • How to fix dampness and mold problems.
  • How California renters and Landlords should deal with potential mold problems.

This informational booklet, provided by the California Department of Public Health, must be provided to all Tenants prior to entering into a Lease Agreement.

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