California Flood Disclosure

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This form is an easy way for California Landlords to comply with required statewide flood disclosures and to give Tenants all necessary notice of flood risks.

Document Last Modified: 5/7/2023

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California Government Code 8559.45 requires that California Landlords with actual knowledge of a rental property being in a special flood hazard area or an area of potential flooding provide Tenants with notice of this risk. According to the statute, a Landlord has actual knowledge if:

  • The Landlord has received notice from a public agency that the property is located in a special flood hazard zone or an area of potential flooding;
  • The Landlord’s mortgage holder requires the Landlord to carry flood insurance; or
  • The Landlord currently carries flood insurance

This California Flood Disclosure Addendum includes all language and disclosures required by the statute. It also gives Landlords an option to select that they have no actual knowledge of the property being in an area of potential flooding. This means that it’s a good Addendum for all California Landlords to use, regardless of flood risk, to document compliance with California Government Code 8559.45.

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