We Make
Rent Collection EZ

No, the Check Is Not in the Mail
Ensure Timely Payments.

Forget the hassles of waiting for checks. Opt for our easy-to-use online rent payment system, ensuring timely payments directly to your bank account. Simplify your rent collection with a reliable and efficient method accessible to both landlords and tenants.

Automate Your Rent Payments

Enable tenants to set up automatic monthly payments through our convenient autopay feature. Both parties receive instant notifications for each transaction, ensuring clarity and consistency. Say goodbye to payment delays and administrative headaches.

Exclusive Pro Membership Benefits

Unlock our full suite of rent payment tools with any Pro membership—Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime. Enjoy these essential services without any extra fees. Not yet a Pro? Check out our plans .

EZ for Tenants

Tenants can quickly arrange payments via ACH with a nominal $3.00 fee, automate their payment schedule, and receive reminders and confirmations for every transaction, making rent payments seamless and straightforward.

Start Collecting Rent
the EZ Way