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Wisconsin Check-In/Out Condition Report

Wisconsin Non-Standard Lease Provisions Addendum

Tenant Receipt of Key(s)

Rental Advertising Tips

Chicago Application for Energy Disclosure

Philadelphia Gas Works Landlord Cooperation Instructions

California Non-Residential Building Energy Disclosure Program Information

Vacation Rental Pre-Arrival Instructions

Property Management Agreement (for Landlords)

Summary of the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance

Property Management Contract (for Managers)

Rent Receipt

Rent Ledger

Rent Reminder

British Columbia Landlord-Tenant Pamphlet

Maintenance Record

Appliance Inventory/Service Log

Eviction Timeline Record

Property Information

California Guide to Residential Tenants’ And Landlords’ Rights And Responsibilities

Housing Assistance Payments Contract (Section 8)

Tenant Information Update

Manitoba -The Residenital Tenancies Act

Virginia Graeme Baker Act for Public Swimming Pools and Hot-tubs

Tenant Reference Letter

North Carolina Information Pamphlet for Landlords & Tenants

Nebraska Landlord-Tenant Information Brochure

Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Act

Colorado Instructions for Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) / Evictions

Amendment to Add Tenant

South Carolina Landlord Tenant Law Pamphlet

Connecticut Eviction Process Instructions & Sample Forms

Tennessee Landlord and Tenant Act Consumer Information

Remove Tenant Amendment

Rhode Island Landlord Tenant Handbook

Virginia Landlord Tenant Act & Handbook

Vermont Landlord Tenant Information Pamphlet

Washington State Landlord Tenant Act

Alaska Landlord-Tenant Act & Pamphlet

Reservation Confirmation Invoice and Receipt

Los Angeles Landlord Tenant Handbook for Rent Stabilized Units

Delaware Landlord Tenant Code (Complete)

Arizona Residential Landlord & Tenant Act

New Jersey Eviction Law

Lease Amendment

California Family Daycare Q&A for Landlords

Nevada Landlord Tenant Eviction Handbook

Northwest Territories: Ending A Tenancy Fact Sheet

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009

Vermont-Barre Chapter 7 Housing Ordinance

Tennessee Rental-Purchase Agreement Act

Texas Property Code Title 8 Landlord Tenant

Direct Deposit Billing Authorization

Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law Summary

Missouri Landlord Tenant Pamphlet

New York - Buffalo Rental Registry Information

Oregon Landlord's Guide to No Smoking Policies

Montana Landlords’ Rights & Duties Handbook

Hawaii Landlord Tenant Handbook

Idaho Landlord and Tenant Guidelines

South Dakota Consumer Handbook

Lansing Rental Registration Form

Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP)

Alberta Canada - Information for Landlords and Tenants

Guide to Louisiana Landlord & Tenant Laws

Georgia Landlord-Tenant Laws Guide

Alberta Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act

New Jersey Security Deposit Law

Ontario Rent Increase Guidelines - 2018

DC Rental Registration/Claim of Exemption (RAD Form 1)

Ohio Landlord Tenant Law

Quitclaim Deed

California Quitclaim Deed

Maryland Quitclaim Deed

Nevada Quitclaim Deed

Wisconsin Rent Certificate

Saskatchewan Power of Attorney (Non-Resident Landlord)

PA Landlord-Tenant Act - Disposition of Abandoned Personal Property

Saskatchewan Residential Tenancies Act, 2006

City of Evanston Landlord Tenant Ordinance (Illinois)

Illinois Landlord-Tenant Laws & Rights

British Columbia Fact Sheet - Damage Deposits

Ontario Agreement to Increase Rent Above the Guideline (Form N10)

NL Security Deposit Fact Sheet

NL Termination Notices Fact Sheet

Yukon Security Deposits Fact Sheet

Yukon Landlord Tenant Act Chapter 131

Yukon Tenancy Termination Fact Sheet

Property Management Contract Termination

Saskatchewan Practice Directive-Appl. for Possession

Verification of Tenant Occupancy

Vermont Landlord Certificate - LC 142

North Carolina Vacation Landlord Tenant Act

Contractor - Vendor Agreement

Periodic Inspection Checklist for Rental Units

Newfoundland & Labrador Residential Tenancies Act

BC Rent Increase Notice (RTB-7)

Quebec Notice of Rent Increase or Other Lease Change

Ontario Certificate of Service (Proof Tenant Was Served)

Quick Tips: Management Documents

Managing rental properties may not be rocket science but it does require organization, professionalism and the occasional sense of humor. Writing everything down on a yellow pad might work if you manage a dollhouse, but there will come a time when keeping good records and proper documentation will be necessary. Not only will operating professionally keep you out of court, but it will also make for smoother daily operations. Document everything you do and watch how smoothly your business flows. Your tenants deserve the professionalism and your real estate investments will be more profitable for it.

Use Management docs to:
  • Sign legal contracts with property managers (or with landlords, if you are the property manager)
  • Meet state and local requirements
  • Verify tenant information
  • Record and update tenant information for in-house recordkeeping
  • Record property information on each of your rental properties
  • Maintain records of tenant evictions
  • Maintain data on household appliances
  • Keep track of Special Program docs (i.e. Section 8 and similar programs)
  • Record Maintenance data
  • Maintain and provide rent receipts
  • Log tenant and other contact
  • Keep records of property key assignments
Keeping good records is half the battle of keeping tenants and yourself happy (or at least profitable). It is also the key that will keep you from behind bars.

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