Rent Receipt

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This ezLandlordForms standard Rent Receipt will allow you to document the tenant’s payment of rent, including the amount, payment type, date and a space for the signature.

Document Last Modified: 1/24/2020

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Collecting rent can be difficult at times. Making sure that you have the proper tools is essential. This little slip of paper can be a big help when it comes to taking care of payment disputes. This free Rent Receipt prints out four receipts to a page. Never get stuck again when your tenant asks for a receipt. Keep several in your purse, wallet or car. This way, you will have one handy at all times.

This free ezLandlordform's Rent Receipt will undeniably help you during the rental process. The form contains all the information needed in a receipt when a tenant makes a payment. This receipt is crucial for keeping records. You should take notice of your state laws for whether it is required to provide a receipt with a rent payment.

The basic Rent Receipt contains fields for all the information you need to record when documenting receivables. Receipts print out four to a letter-sized sheet. Simply complete the information regarding the amount of rent received, tenant’s name and date. Sign it and add any memos. There are sections for each of these items. The classic look and design make all the items stand out clearly. Make sure that you make and keep a copy for your records!

Documentation of all your transactions is important, but documenting when and how much rent you receive is critical and can be an excellent way for both you and the tenant to keep track of what was paid and when.

ezLandlordForms made it very simple for you to print your receipts directly from your account by just clicking download/print. You may also email them to yourself for the convenience of accessing them later on your home computer, laptop, or different location altogether.

This free ezLandlordForm's Rent Receipt will allow you to document periodic payments and provide the tenant with a copy.