Rent Ledger

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The Rent Ledger provides Landlords with a complete payment history for each rental property.

It makes it EZ for Landlords to stay organized, keep up with rent payments and any unpaid balances, and maximize their rental property ROI.

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Document Last Modified: 4/11/2023

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Keeping track of rental income is one of the most important things Landlords do. After you’ve Screened Applicants, selected a qualified Tenant, and have them sign a state-specific Lease, the next step is keeping track of rent and charges.

New: Now with Fillable Fields

The Rent Ledger is free and EZ to use - simply click print/download to open your copy. Once you do, the form prompts you to fill in key information, including:

  • Property address
  • Tenant names and contact information
  • Names of all occupants
  • The monthly rent amount and due date
  • Other fees charged and their due dates
  • Late fee details
  • The Lease Agreement start and end date
  • When rent payments were made
  • Any unpaid balances
  • Additional notes

Having all of this information on one sheet makes life EZ for Landlords AND provides vital documentation that Landlords need.

  • Get complete payment history of each rental property at a glance
  • Quickly identify if rent is late and timely contact Tenants and/or submit a Late Fee Notice
  • Have thorough documentation should you have to initiate eviction proceedings
  • Note: Our Eviction Timeline Record can be used in conjunction with the Rent Ledger to provide Landlords with additional evidence and documentation
  • Stay on top of Lease Renewal dates
  • Keep evidence of the income the property generates should you decide to sell
  • Make tax season less stressful and EZier
  • Document security deposit payments, making move-out smoother
  • Keep track of each property’s ROI and identify opportunities to increase your return

Pro Tip: This document can be used in court. For cases involving unpaid rent, the first thing the magistrate or a judge usually asks for is the Rent Ledger. Keeping a Rent Ledger that is accurate, neat, and current could be the difference between winning and losing in court

Who Can Use This Form?

It’s available for both free and Pro members.

All Landlords should keep a Rent Ledger for each property, whether they have 1 unit or 200 units.

Our Rent Ledger is especially helpful for Landlords with multiple Tenants in one unit - it makes it EZ to keep up with all payments.

Other Forms You Might Need

  • Rental Application: the best way to make sure rent is consistently paid on time is by having good Tenants. A Rental Application and thorough Tenant Screening help you find good Tenants that consistently pay rent on time.
  • State-Specific Lease Agreement: the Lease is the most important form Landlords use and is the key to a good Landlord experience.

    Pro Tip: your Lease needs to comply with the laws where your property is located, so it’s vital that you have a state-specific Lease Agreement.

  • Move-In/Move-Out Checklist: this form should be used during both the move-in and move-out walkthrough. It lets you document the condition of the property and is particularly important should you need to make deductions from the security deposit.
  • Rent Receipt: this form makes it EZ to provide Tenants with documentation of their monthly rent payment. It’s always a good idea to have a system of providing Tenants with documentation of payments, and, should a dispute arise, this will help the Landlord prevail.
  • Maintenance Record: Landlords need to keep their property in good condition and know about the expenses associated with each property. This Maintenance Record is a good way to do that.

    Pro Tip: if you keep this up to date, it will be EZ to do your taxes!

  • Late Rent Notice: this form lets Landlords notify Tenants that rent is due, how much rent is owed, and the consequences for not paying the past-due rent.

Pro Tip: We have tools and resources for the entire Landlord Lifecycle. With over 450 forms, we have everything you need for every step of your Landlording journey.