Rent Ledger

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Keep track of all of your tenant’s rent payments with this easy-to-use ezLandlord Forms's Rent Ledger.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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Maintaining and updating rent payment information is one of the most important tasks of property management. With this convenient rent ledger, all of the tenant’s payment information is consolidated on a single form. A single glance at this form can help the landlord answer virtually any payment question or dispute that may arise.

This ezLandlordForms’ Rent Ledger will offer the savvy landlord the key to organization. The Rent Ledger will organize and keep track of all of the tenant’s rent payments. This document includes the property information, so the landlord can keep track of which rental property this information is for as well as information on monthly rent, other charges and fees. The form organizes the charges/payments by date, amount/description, whether payment is a partial of full payment, and balance due, if any.

As a part of ongoing management duties, property managers and landlords will be provided with a detailed rent payment log with the ezLandlordForms’ Rent Ledger. This form is designed to be printed and filled out by hand. The landlord or agent may include any additional notes on this form for any reminders or notifications he/she must remember for that specific property or tenant. That information can be included in the Property Information section. The form also allows the landlord to list which tenant this form is for. The benefits of this form can be also used in a situation with multiple tenants each paying a portion of the rent. This allows the landlord to differentiate and regulate payments properly.

Not only does the Rent Ledger help to keep landlords and property managers organized, this form is essential and is often the difference between winning and losing in a court battle with tenants over rental payments. Typically, the first line of business for a judge or magistrate is to request the Rent Ledger. Landlords and managers who find themselves without one, may also find themselves without a case. Utilize the Rent Ledger as part of your routine business practice when collecting rents.

The Rent Ledger could not be simpler to use. Just click print/download when you’re ready to add to your collection of documents on your computer or email it to yourself to access at a later time.

Both FREE and PREMIUM members have access to the Rent Ledger.

Note: The Rent Ledger is a document for landlords and property managers which can be used as evidence in court. Be sure they are accurate, neat and easily accessible to you (landlords) and your staff (managers).

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