Property Management Contract Termination

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Give this contract termination to the property manager to formally cancel all property management obligations and request transfer of keys, rents and deposits.

Document Last Modified: 1/29/2020

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Property Management Contract Termination

Give this contract termination notification to your property manager or property management firm if you want to terminate your contract with them. This notice will formally cancel all property management obligations, and it includes a request for transfer of keys, rental fees, and deposits.

With this Property Management Contract Termination, you will officially and legally end your property manager’s responsibilities toward your property or properties. This contract termination notification gives the notice your property manager needs to transfer all deposits, rental fees, keys, and any other applicable materials or accounts back to you so that you may either manage your properties yourself, sell your properties, or transfer those materials to your next property manager or property management firm.

Who: This document is to be used by the landlord and given to a property manager, property management firm, or to anyone else who has taken on the role and responsibilities of managing the landlord’s rental property or properties.

What: This Property Management Contract Termination is a legal notification that the landlord’s contract with the property manager has been terminated and is no longer valid. Once this notice is give, the property management contract is considered null, and the property manager must transfer all appropriate materials as soon as possible.

When: You will serve this Property Management Contract Termination notification to your property manager if you desire to cancel your contracted agreement for property management.

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You may need to terminate your contract with a given property manager for a number of reasons. If you are selling the property, you will no longer need property management services. If you are contracting with a larger property management firm to handle all of your rental properties, you will need to terminate your contract with any individual property managers or smaller firms.

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IMPORTANT: With most property management agreements, terminating your contract is as simple as serving your property manager with this Property Management Contract Termination. Before you do this, however, be sure to read over your contract carefully. You will want to ensure that terminating your contract before it expires will not incur any fines or fees before you proceed.