Tenant Reference Letter

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The Tenant Reference Letter allows the landlord to give feedback about their tenancy for any endeavors the tenants may need the form for.

Document Last Modified: 1/24/2020

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References are important in the workplace, for creditors and yes…... for the tenant as well. Whether your tenant is applying for a mortgage, trying to obtain a new credit card or just needs to let the local school district know who they are; a reference letter can be a useful landlord tool in the property management toolbox.

This short and sweet letter provides basic information about your tenant and verifies that they do, in fact, live in your rental property and pay what they are supposed to be remitting.

This letter is also a useful letter when your tenant is looking for a different place to rent. Of course, they will miss you as their favorite landlord but situations do arise such as employment relocations, the need for cheaper digs, new baby forcing the requirement of more room or perhaps just a change in scenario; all situations that provide a need for this ezLandlord Forms’ Tenant Reference letter. Because this nifty easy to use notice is completely modifiable, it can be made to fit precisely any situation. The Tenant Reference contains elements such as the address of the rental unit, when the lease began and lists the tenant’s names. The tone of this letter is pleasant and is auto-filled with your name and address along with the easy addition of the recipient’s address as well.

Uncomplicated, fast and useful are great and to the point ways to describe this convenient letter. However, this reference letter should never take the place of nor be confused with a lease agreement. It is a reference only and does not include any of the significant elements a lease does.

It is suitable not only to keep to the point in the letter, but to also be truthful and keep emotions out of the creation of this reference letter.