Lease Amendment

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While the original lease remains in effect; the Lease Amendment allows you to add in one or more changes to alter the existing lease terms or conditions.

Document Last Modified: 1/25/2020

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How A Lease Amendment Works

A Lease Amendment form can be used when the landlord wishes to make changes or additions to the existing lease agreement. This does not mean that the original agreement is no longer in effect but rather that the documents are compatible. This amendment form can be used to add one or more changes to the existing terms and conditions.

All parties involved should sign the lease amendment in order for it to be valid and effective. If a landlord were to attempt and change the lease without the knowledge of the tenant then the changes would be null and void. There is only validity in the amendments and original terms made between both parties if they have both signed and become aware of the conditions.

What Is Included?

    This form includes all the information that you would expect. It has all the information to make sure that if any of the information in the amendment were to come into question, it would be clear that all parties were aware of the changes being made. It has:
  • The address of the leased property,
  • The personal details of the landlord,
  • The personal details of the tenants,
  • The specific amendment being made,
  • Space for all parties to sign.
  • Tips For Landlords

    Landlords that have more information are more prepared to create lease agreements, amend them, deal with tenants on a regular basis and even address problems with tenants that have violated their lease terms. Landlords that want to know everything possible to make their lives easier should visit the Articles & State Laws that have been written about in detail by the professionals at EZ Landlord forms. These experts have experienced it all and offer their knowledge and expertise to help make the relationships of other landlords and tenants as enjoyable for all parties as possible.

    Landlords should also consider their state laws when looking to make changes to a lease agreement. Each state has its specific laws and regulations that may affect the number of changes or the content of what can be changed.