Tenant Information Update

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Make sure you have the latest contact information for your new or existing tenants with this form.

Document Last Modified: 1/24/2020

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Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your tenant’s contact information has changed. Make it a habit to update it -- as well as other vital information about the occupants of your rental property -- on a regular basis. Use this form to collect information from long-time tenants, or to establish a new file for existing tenants in a newly-purchased property. The document is designed for tenants to fill out and return to you, saving you the hassle.

Who: Property managers and landlords.

What: Tenant contact information, as well other information about occupants.

When: When you take over management of an existing lease, for long-time tenants, or whenever an update is necessary.

Please Note: This form is designed to be printed and filled out by hand.