Contractor - Vendor Agreement

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The Contractor - Vendor Agreement establishes the specifications, terms, and conditions needed before hiring a contractor.

Document Last Modified: 5/16/2022

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Hiring a contractor should involve more than closing your eyes and choosing the least-expensive person for the job. Besides checking the reputation, making sure that pricing is in line and handing over a deposit check; wouldn’t you want to cover yourself? Some questions that need to be clarified are:
1. Is my contractor insured?
2. Is my contractor licensed?
3. How do I know the work will be done efficiently and timely?
4. What happens if something goes wrong?

These are just a few conditions that need to be addressed and spelled out BEFORE you hire your next vendor or contractor. Let’s face it; we take more time in choosing a cellphone which costs only hundreds compared to a home remodeling job that could easily be in the thousands.

Consumers' sign contracts every day for so many things. As a homeowner, you want to protect yourself and your real estate investment BEFORE permitting anyone to provide handyman, construction or repair services.

Let’s face it, hiring a home remodeling or repair person without having a good solid contract in place is like gambling with your whole home. Are you prepared for that risk?

ezLandlordForms’ Contractor/Vendor Agreement is what the doctor has ordered! This protective and precise agreement contains terms and conditions for the scope and description of work, cost, how payment will be made, the length of the contract, including when the job must be completed. These are just a few items in this comprehensive contract. In addition to the normal information, the ezLandlordforms’ Contractor/Vendor Agreement takes things a bit further by adding a section regarding the project plans and how permits will be obtained. This fully editable document contains the ability to change and add text as well.

Insurance in today’s world is not only essential but often required in many circumstances. Hiring your reputable home remodeling specialist is no different. Did you know that if you hire a knowingly uninsured contractor, and he/she gets hurt while making repairs on your home, YOU could be liable? This is true in many circumstances.

This Contractor/Vendor Agreement covers these issues with a section for liability, insurance and an indemnity clause. This is a clause that protects you the homeowner from any claims that may arise due to any negligence or damage created during the work contracted for.

Protect you and your home before you hire anyone to perform construction, repairs or handy work by using this protective agreement.