Tenant Feedback & Landlord Review

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Share this 2-page Tenant Feedback & Landlord Review survey with Tenants to see how satisfied they are with the rental unit & property management.

Document Last Modified: 4/3/2023

The Importance of Tenant Feedback

Quality Tenants are key for Landlords. Finding and retaining good Tenants will help improve both your returns and your experience as a Landlord.

While Tenant Screening is vital for finding quality Tenants, Landlords should also be proactive about retaining quality Tenants. This includes:

  • Establishing effective Landlord-Tenant Communication,
  • Keeping rental units in good condition,
  • Timely responding to Tenant requests, and
  • Building strong Landlord-Tenant relationships.

To make sure you’re doing all of the above, it’s important to consistently get and respond to Tenant feedback.

We recommend having all of your Tenants complete this survey once a year. It only takes 1-2 minutes.

Pro Tip: You can keep the Landlord Review page of this survey to share with potential Tenants in the future. Favorable reviews from prior Tenants can help to attract more quality Tenants!

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