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Notices to Tenants

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Non-Renewal Notice

Lease Renewal Agreement

Increase in Rent Notice

Notice to Enter

Sale of Property Notice

Change of Ownership/Management

Notice to Tenant to Repair Damages

New Landlord Introduction

Notice to Show Property

Change of Landlords Contact Information

Utility Billing Notice

Returned Payment Notice

New Lease Introduction

Excessive Utility Usage - Notice/Bill

Excessive Water Consumption Warning

Decrease in Rent Notice

Excessive Water Consumption Bill

NYC Lease Renewal Form - EPTA Form RTP-8

West Virginia Returned Check Notice

New York City Required Annual Notice -Window Guards and Lead Paint

NYC Increase in Rent (for Rent Controlled Units)

NYC Lease Renewal for Rent Stabilized Housing

BC Rent Increase Notice (RTB-7)

Saskatchewan Notice To Enter

Saskatchewan Two Month Notice of Intention for Term Lease

Ontario Notice of Rent Increase (Form N1)

Quebec Notice of Rent Increase or Other Lease Change

Agreement to Exchange Tenant Repairs for Reduced Rent

Wisconsin Lease Renewal OR Notice to Vacate

California Notice of Pest Control Treatment

Portland 90 Day Notice of Rent Increase

NL Termination Notice for Damage to Premises

NL Termination Notice for Interference of Peaceful Enjoyment

NL Termination for Material Breach

Yukon 14 Day Substantial Breach Termination Notice

California Notification of Pre-Move Out Inspection

Abandoned Property Notice

Michigan Security Deposit Itemized Deductions Notice

California Notice to Reclaim Abandoned Property (under $700)

California Notice to Reclaim Abandoned Property (over $700)

FL Notice to Reclaim Abandoned Property ($500 or more)

Florida Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandoned Property (less than $500)

Quebec Notice of Repossession (Non-Renewal)

Rent Reminder

Ontario Agreement to Increase Rent Above the Guideline (Form N10)

Quick Tips: Notices to Tenants

Tenants seem to love communicating via text these days and if that’s your thing, feel free to tap away. There are times, however, when communicating through text messages just won’t cut the mustard. Those times include when a landlord needs to convey anything from instructions on how to make rental payments to information about insurance waivers and the need to enter the property.
Because communication is key, don’t rely on your text messages, e-mails and phone calls alone to get the job done. Deliver all of your important messages using tenant notices, through either certified mail or emailed through our website with a read receipt (create that paper trail!).

Notify your tenants:
  • When there are procedural changes
  • When management changes
  • Of changes to the lease (renewal, non-renewal)
  • When rent will be increased or decreased
  • When a rental payment has been returned
  • When you plan to enter the rental property
  • When the property is being placed for sale
  • To communicate information regarding utility usage and utility payment reminders
  • When rental payments are returned
  • That you are renewing or not renewing the lease
  • Of special arrangements agreed to verbally
  • Of no-smoking policies
Communication is key and written communication is the master key. Never rely solely on verbal communication with your tenants, as the he-said/she-said game is never a winner in court.

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