Excessive Water Consumption Warning

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Use this when you include water with the rent and you receive an unusually large water bill.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Water is a precious resource, and conserving water makes sense, of course, for many reasons. Excessive use of water is not only an environmental issue, it is also a financial consideration for landlords who include the cost of water usage in the price of renting a residential dwelling. When a landlord notices a tenant using an excessive amount of water, our handy Excessive Water Consumption Warning will serve as a notice that tenants must modify their water consumption habits or pay an additional charge.

It is important to give tenants prompt and specific notice that their water usage was excessive, and be clear about the repercussions of continuing to overuse water. Properly notifying the tenant also alerts them to usage that may be unintended. Seemingly small water usage issues can accumulate quickly to dramatically impact the water bill for a given billing period. For example, a faucet in the unit may be leaky. The excessive use warning informs tenants that they should examine all faucets, including outside connections, in their property inspection. Similarly, tenants are advised to inspect their unit for malfunctioning toilets. If the tenant discovers a faulty pipe, they are expected to notify the landlord immediately.

These and several other common causes of overuse or dramatic increases in water usage are described. The topics in the document cover a range of water uses and how to make sure water is not used in excess. The warning gives tenants additional ideas on how to use water efficiently in everyday tasks such as bathing and laundry, and exceptional instances such as recreational water use.

This document is quick and very easy to create. A landlord simply selects the tenant and property to which the notice should be addressed, and a complete and professional final document is created. Custom language may also be added.

When water costs are included in a tenant’s rent, it is in the landlord’s best interests to keep an eye on water usage and to give tenants a clear warning as well as some good information to help them remedy excessive usage. This Excessive Warning Consumption Warning does just that, and is easy for a busy landlord to create and complete quickly.