Notice to Show Property

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The Notice to Show Property form gives existing tenants the details needed to show an occupied property to prospective renters or buyers.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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The rental cycle is ongoing. Once it is time for the current tenant to move on, the landlord will need to find a tenant to replace the occupancy in his or her property. In order to fill the vacancy, landlords need to show the property to prospective tenants. Whether the landlord is selling or renting the property, forthcoming tenants will want to see the premises to know what they are inquiring about. When a landlord properly notifies the tenant, it allows for an easier rental process with open and clear communication.

This form is perfect for a landlord who has a property on the market for either rental or purchase. The landlord can maximize his or her chances for success by notifying existing tenants well before showing it to new prospects. The more time the existing tenants have to get the place in order before a tour, the better the landlord's chances are for achieving the outcome he or she wants. This form includes all the details that existing tenants need to begin preparing for an upcoming showing.

The ezLandlord Forms, Notice to Show Property form allows landlords to inform the tenant that they will be presenting the property to prospective tenants or buyers. This form allows the landlord to give adequate notice to enter the current tenant’s living quarters. The Notice to Enter advises the tenants to make sure the property is in presentable condition.

This form allows for clear communication between lessor and current lessee. The Notice to Show property form is a great form for all landlords to have access to at any time. The landlord should serve the ezLandlord Forms Notice to Show Property as far in advance as possible.
IMPORTANT: Check local regulations for the required time frame for entrance notification.