Month-to-Month Lease Termination Letter

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Generally, Landlords must provide written notice to end a month-to-month Lease Agreement. This customizable Termination Letter makes it EZ for Landlords to comply with notice requirements and to provide Tenants with important Lease Termination information.

Document Last Modified: 5/26/2022

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Pro Tip: Always have a thorough Lease Agreement in place that clearly outlines the requirements for either the Landlord or Tenant to end the Lease Agreement. Need a better Lease? Create a great one in about 15 minutes!

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If you have a month-to-month Lease Agreement in place, it probably automatically renews every month. This means that to end the Lease Agreement, you’ll need to provide Tenants with adequate Notice.

Usually, Notice needs to be in writing and given at least 30 days before the Lease ends. However, it’s vital to check the language of your Lease Agreement and state laws to ensure that you provide adequate Notice.

Our customizable Month-to-Month Lease Termination Letter provides Tenants with

  • The Lease termination date
  • The amount of Notice that the Landlord is giving the Tenant
  • Where refundable deposits will be sent
  • Details regarding the move-out inspection
  • Tenant’s responsibilities, including removing personal property and turning off utilities

Customize this letter in about 5 minutes!

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