Utility Billing Notice

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Use the ezLandlordForms Utility Bill Notice when mailing a utility bill to the tenant, for them to either reimburse you or pay directly.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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In some rental units, the landlord may include a utility such as heat or electric into the lease amount. This would put forth the practice for landlords to keep accounts payable for some items such as a utility bill for the property in their name and then notify the tenant of the amount due. This may also occur if a building does not have separate meters for a utility, for instance, heat. There may be one gas-fired boiler that heats an entire building. The landlord will subsequently split this in accordance with state and local regulations. Afterwards, this document serves as a notice to the tenants whom the utility bill has arrived and is awaiting payment.

This notice gives allows the landlord to identify if the tenant is to reimburse the landlord for expenses paid to the utility company or if the tenant should settle their debts to the utility company directly to avoid interruption in services. As the due dates approach for utilities, landlords can forward this notice to renters with this letter.

This letter accompanied by a copy of the bill leaves no uncertainties for the tenant. Landlords should be sure to hold on to a copy of the bill for their own records in the case of future latency. This form can be edited by our premium members. Premium members can add or delete text to tailor it to their specific property. Are you not a premium member? No worries, free members can still take our document for a test ride and preview the proposed document before making a decision to purchase.

It is very important that landlords keep their renters informed. Landlord can use this form as a friendly notification when payment for the utility is due.

Don't forget to keep a copy of the utility bill for your own records; you may well need to send the renter another copy in a few weeks, with our Late Utility Bill Notice.