Excessive Water Consumption Bill

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Use this notice to inform renters of their excessive water consumption and warn that future fees may be imposed to cover the excess usage if it is not reduced.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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At the time when a new lease agreement is entered into, when landlords establish how utilities will be paid, they have an important decision to make at the outset: the utilities can be included in the cost of the rent, or can be charged based upon the amount used during each billing period. When a utility is included in the rent that is paid, a tenant’s excessive use of that utility can have a big impact on the landlord’s costs, in addition to being wasteful. Even when a landlord chooses to have a utility included in the rental amount, he or she still has recourse when a tenant’s usage is excessive.

One utility that can easily be overused is water. Water may be wasted through carelessness, as a result of a faulty fixture, or via an increase in consumption of water through everyday use. No matter what the cause, a tenant who is using an excessive amount of water can be billed using our handy Excessive Water Usage Bill.

This document allows the landlord to advise tenants that even though the cost of standard water usage is included in their rent payments, they are still subject to additional costs when their usage exceeds the standard limit. The landlord will indicate the amount that the tenant is being billed for the overage. The tenant is advised that the payment for the overuse of water is due immediately. In addition, the tenant is reminded to be careful of his or her water consumption, and to be mindful to conserve water and stay within the allowed limits, or else they will face additional charges.

The Excessive Water Usage Bill utilizes our auto-fill technology. This allows the landlord to create a professional document, addressed to the tenant and using the mailing address that is on file. The landlord can use the information that is already logged into their ezlandlordforms account to complete the document.

Please note: If a landlord desires to give a tenant a warning for their overuse of water, rather than issuing a bill, then ezLandlordForms’ Excessive Water Usage Warning document may be used.