Abandoned Property Notice

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The Abandoned Property Notice is used when the Landlord has sufficient proof that the rental unit is abandoned and personal property was left behind.

Document Last Modified: 3/27/2023

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The landlord must send a notice to the place the tenant is expected to receive it that
(1) describes the property in sufficient detail for the tenant to identify it,
(2) advises him that he has 15 days (18 days if the notice is mailed) to claim it,
(3) appraises him of reasonable storage costs, and (4) tells him where to claim the property.

The notice must also inform him that unclaimed property of value will be sold at a public sale and property believed to be worth less than $300 will be kept, sold, or destroyed.

After deductions for storage, advertising, and the sale, landlords must turn over to the county any residual proceeds.

How To Use The Abandoned Property Notice

When a landlord has sufficient proof that a tenant of their property has abandoned the residence then the landlord may use this notice to give to the tenant. This notice makes the tenant aware of the situation and begins the 30 day period for the tenant to contact the landlord before the landlord is able to regain control of the property through the official abandonment process.

This notice can be used when the landlord has definite proof that the tenant has vacated the property even if they have left some of their personal property behind.

Note: Each state has a different method of handling this situation. Some states have specific ways methods and procedures that should be followed in order to regain possession of the property and dispose of any personal items the tenant may have left behind.

The Information In The Notice

The notice itself lets the tenant know that the landlord has made many attempts to contact them with no success and therefore is deeming the property abandoned. The form also details what was left behind at the property and when the landlord entered the premises to make this assessment.

    This list can include items such as:
  • Car
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Appliances
  • Bedding

The notice is dated and instructs the tenant to respond to the notice within 30 days of this date or the landlord will begin the abandonment process.

All of these details are included to ensure the tenant is fully aware of the situation and how to cure it should they come back to the property within the 30-day compliance period.


During the 30-day period there are marks of time that allow the landlord to remove possessions from the property and even sell them. Tenants and landlords should keep in mind that this property may be stored and sold for the profit of the landlord if the property and the personal possessions inside have been abandoned.

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