Non-Renewal Notice

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Use this straightforward form to inform tenants that their current rental agreement will not be renewed at the end of the lease term.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Ending and Renewing: For the number of days to renew or not renew;
  • Week-to-Week: The landlord or the tenant may terminate a tenancy by serving a written notice to the other 7 days prior to the next rental due date.
  • Month-to-Month: The landlord or tenant may terminate a month to month tenancy by giving a written notice to the opposite party at least 30 days before the next rent is due. A shorter or longer notice MAY be permitted as long as it is outlined in the written lease agreement and signed by both parties
  • Year to Year: The landlord or tenant may terminate a tenancy by either party giving 3 months' notice, in writing, prior to the end of any year of the tenancy.
  • Fixed-Term: As specified within the lease agreement.

Early termination of rental agreements by victims of family abuse, sexual abuse, or criminal sexual assault.

A. Any tenant who is a victim of (i) family abuse as defined by § 16.1-228, (ii) sexual abuse as defined by § 18.2-67.10, or (iii) other criminal sexual assault under Article 7 (§ 18.2-61 et seq.) of Chapter 4 of Title 18.2 may terminate such tenant's obligations under a rental agreement under the following circumstances:
1. The victim has obtained an order of protection pursuant to § 16.1-279.1 and has given written notice of termination in accordance with subsection B during the period of the protective order or any extension thereof; or
2. A court has entered an order convicting a perpetrator of any crime of sexual assault under Article 7 (§ 18.2-61 et seq.) of Chapter 4 of Title 18.2, sexual abuse as defined by § 18.2-67.10, or family abuse as defined by § 16.1-228 against the victim and the victim gives written notice of termination in accordance with subsection B. A victim may exercise a right of termination under this section to terminate a rental agreement in effect when the conviction order is entered and one subsequent rental agreement based upon the same conviction.
This is the form to use when you prefer to end the lease with your current tenant. It is best used at the end of the lease, but make sure that you provide the tenant with sufficient notice. Adequate notice would be the time as specified in a written lease agreement or as dictated by your state's regulations were an implied or verbal lease was used.

Even though more often than not, ending a lease can provide to be a touchy situation; this form provides a sensitive but direct way to accomplish this task. It even provides reminders to the tenant to remove all belongings, make sure all is clean and asks for a forwarding address.

These Premium ezLandlord Forms's "Non Renewal Notice” is the key in properly informing your tenant that you are no longer interested in continuing the current contract or any contract or lease for that matter. This is NOT a form used to increase rent or change the terms of a lease. For those circumstances, it is best to use either a new rental agreement, Lease Amendment or an ezLandlordForms’s Increase in Rent Notice.

Each state possesses specific rules and actions in order to end a lease. There are many reasons to end a lease such as nuisance or non-payment, but an eviction form is best suited for those circumstances. This letter is given to a lessee so that they will move out rather than stay when their lease ends. It ensures the landlord will receive possession back at the end of the lease so it may be re-let to someone else. It is extremely important for you to educate yourself on the proper amount of days that is required to serve the tenant the Non Renewal Notice. Once you are aware of the appropriate amount of notice that must be given, this completely editable form may be created to meet the needs of the landlord as well as the requirements under the law.

Some states, such as California, have their own notices to used to end certain leases. Be sure to check out your local landlord forms page.

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