New Landlord Introduction

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The New Landlord Introduction is a good starter letter for landlords that are taking on a new property or assuming a new management role.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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The management of rental properties changes for a variety of reasons. This could be due to a sale of the property, a change in personnel, or even an inheritance. Even though we’re positive you’re a really nice person, a new landlord can be frightening and confusing for your tenants, whatever the reason for the change. Start things off right by formally introducing yourself with our New Landlord Introduction. (We think sending it over with a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is an especially sweet touch.)

In addition to offering assurances that the terms of the current lease will remain in place, this document also notifies tenants that payments will now be made to you and requests that the tenants update their contact information. Make it easy by including our Tenant Update Information form with the letter. You knew we weren’t going to leave you hanging, right?

This editable form is a breeze to create with the ezLandlordForms Document Builder, which allows you to customize the language and formatting to suit your particular situation. If you would like, you can add information regarding the details of the management switch. You may also list any changes such as personnel, office hours, etc. And feel free to delete any parts of the form you don’t like. If you’re not planning on including self-addressed stamped envelopes as the letter suggests, for example, go ahead and leave that part out.

Our auto-fill technology will automatically add the names and addresses of existing tenants and properties, but if the letter is for a new tenant or property it might not appear in your ezLandlordForms account. Adding them is easy. After you click “Create Document,”make any necessary changes to the body of the letter and click “Create and Print Document.” If the property isn’t listed:

  • Go to the bottom of the list and “Click here to add a rental unit”
  • Select “New Property” from the drop-down list under “Rental Unit Address”
  • Add the requested information about the property
  • Select “New Tenant” from the drop-down list under “Names of Tenants”
  • Click “Save and Continue”
  • Customize your document for your freshly added property!

Your friendly form is clear, concise and ready to go. Try to send it out at least 45 days prior to the actual management transition if you can.

Adding a new rental property is exciting and sometimes stressful, but our other convenient forms can make the process a little easier. Check out some of our helpful hand-picked options to the right.