Late Rent Notice

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The Late Rent Notice is used to inform Tenants that they have unpaid rent that is due. The form provides Tenants with specifics about the amount due when it needs to be paid, and consequences for failure to pay the past-due rent.

Document Last Modified: 3/27/2023

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Dealing with late rent is a job that most Landlords dread. It’s often difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating to try to collect missed rent payments. However, it’s important that Landlords have systems for doing so and that they are proactive about addressing unpaid rent. This will help to ensure that rent is consistently paid on time and that the Landlord is timely addressing issues with Tenants that are unable to pay rent.

The Late Rent Notice helps to make this process as easy as possible. It’s a customizable form that allows Landlords to enter the amount of rent due, when rent needs to be paid, how rent can be paid, and what happens if Tenants do not make rent payments.

The primary purpose of this form is to collect past-due rent. However, should eviction proceedings be necessary in the future, it’s also a good way to document the amount of rent due and efforts made to collect that rent.

Pro Tip: good Tenant Screening is the best way to make sure that you only rent to qualified Tenants that will consistently pay rent on time. Once you’ve found a good Tenant, always use a thorough state-specific Lease that will provide clear guidance on when rent is due, when late fees are assessed, and what happens if Tenants fail to timely pay rent.

Other Documents You Might Need

  • Late Rent Reminder: this form serves as a friendly reminder to Tenants that rent is late and encourages your Tenant to pay rent before late fees are incurred.
  • Late Fee Due Notice: this Notice lets Tenants know of any late fees they owe and serves as a way to remind Tenants of your late fee policy.
  • Notice to Pay Rent or Quit: this Notice warns Tenants that they need to pay rent or vacate the property. It serves as a legal warning and advises Tenants that if they don’t comply, eviction proceedings will be initiated.
  • Notice to Report Late Rent Payments: This Notice is for Tenants that have failed to make rent payments after repeated reminders. It advises Tenants that if the delinquent balance is not paid by a certain date, you will report the delinquent payments to credit agencies.
  • Past Due Payment Arrangement Agreement: this Agreement is used when Landlords and Tenants have come up with a plan to repay back rent. It formalizes the details of the payment plan and provides specifics on when payments are due.
  • Promissory Note for Past Due Rent: this Promissory Note serves as a way for Landlords to collect past due rent from Tenants that have moved out.