Change of Landlords Contact Information

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Keep your tenant informed of any changes to your contact information with this simple Change of Landlord’s Contact Information form.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Most property managers would say that communication is the cornerstone of a great landlord-tenant relationship. For a tenant to correspond with the landlord, or even pay the rent, he or she must have the correct contact information for the landlord. If the landlord moves to a different location or changes an email or phone number, it is important to notify the lessees, so they are updated with accurate information.

The ezLandlordForms Change of Landlords Contact Information document is provided to the tenants to disclose the landlord's new contact information. Whether it be a change of phone number or property address, the landlord should inform the tenants of this change so, if need be, they can contact the landlord.

Preparing this document also leaves no ambiguity about the contact information a tenant should use to contact the landlord. The document clearly spells out the effective date of the information contained within the Change of Landlords Contact Information document. It also advises tenants to keep the document in a safe place for easy reference. This reinforces that the landlord has done what was needed to inform the tenant of the change in contact information. It helps ensure that the lines of communication will stay open between the landlord and the tenant, and that they will not suffer for a lack of proper telephone number, email address, mailing address, or other information.

A landlord will fill this form out with his or her new contact information. This form includes a space for the full address, office, fax and cell phone number, and a spot for the email as well. It also includes a note section in the bottom in case the form missed an important aspect of contact information the landlord needs to disclose to the tenant.

The landlord should use this form in any circumstance where any of their contact information changes. It is critical to inform the tenant of such changes, and this document does so effectively and officially.