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EZ Landlord Forms offers a customizable New Jersey Rental Lease Agreement, New Jersey eviction notices, a free rental application, listings of New Jersey real estate investing clubs, and much more! Try building a New Jersey lease agreement, discuss New Jersey landlord-tenant issues in our Landlord Forum, or read our summary of New Jersey’s landlord-tenant laws! Here is a selection of our featured New Jersey resources:

New Jersey Residential Lease Agreements

New Jersey Lease Our exclusive Lease Builder Wizard software with State Assist technology helps ensure that your lease meets New Jersey's legal requirements. The ez Landlord Forms team includes attorneys, accountants, fellow landlords, and industry experts who work together to stay on top of regulatory changes, so that your forms can meet or exceed all current legal requirements.

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New Jersey Landlord Forms

New Jersey Rental Forms New Jersey Eviction Law
New Jersey Eviction law is complcated. This information article contains the text of that law.

New Jersey Security Deposit Law
This is the New Jersey Security Deposit Law. The New Jersey Security Deposit Law specifies how a landlord must collect, maintain, and return a security deposit. Under this law, a security deposit is money that belongs to the tenant but is held by the landlord in trust. New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Division of Codes and Standards Landlord-Tenant Information Service-SECURITY DEPOSIT LAW N.J.S.A. 46:8-19 THROUGH 26

New Jersey Abandoned Property Notice
This is the New Jersey Abandoned Property Notice. This notice is used once the landlord has sufficient proof that a tenant has abandoned the rental property or if the tenant has vacated and left personal property within the rental unit.

New Jersey Window Guard Disclosure
This document gives the tenant the right to ask the landlord for window guards to be placed on the windows in certain circumstances. This must be given to a tenant at the inception of a lease. (1 page)

New Jersey Truth in Renting Guide (29 pages)
Required with the Lease
The Truth-in-Renting Booklet is a summary of existing laws, regulations, and court cases. It is a requirement of the Truth-in-Renting Act (N.J.S.A. 46:8-43 et seq.) that each tenant be given a copy of this booklet. Hard copies are available through the N.J. Department of Community Affairs, Division of Codes and Standards, Landlord-Tenant Information Service, P.O. Box 805, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0805 (29 pages)

New Jersey Security Deposit Receipt Disclosure
This is the New Jersey Security Deposit Receipt Disclosure. This disclosure serves as verification of payment from tenant for the security deposit. It also confirms the location of where the deposit is being held and at what interest rate. (1 page)

New Jersey Judiciary Information for Landlords
Most disputes between landlords and tenants are often resolved by the Landlord/Tenant Section of the New Jersey Superior Court, Special Civil Part (“Landlord/Tenant Section”). This brochure gives you general information regarding the Landlord/Tenant Section.

New Jersey 30 Day Notice to Quit
The 30 Day Notice to Quit is often the last notice used before filing for eviction regarding situations such as, a substantial breach of the Landlord's rules/regulations, or a violation of covenants as contained within the lease.

New Jersey Notice to Cease
In some circumstances, a “Notice to Cease” is required before a "Notice to Quit" is served.

New Jersey 3 Day Notice to Quit
This notice is used for a disorderly conduct violation or if a tenant causes damage or destruction to a landlord's property by being negligent or if it is intentional. It is a required notice before filing for eviction in court.

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New Jersey Attorneys

New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Attorneys
Brian C. Freeman
Law Offices of Brian C. Freeman, LLC
Jersey City, NJ
  Christopher Chiacchio
Russell, Laughlin & Chiacchio
Cherry Hill, NJ
David S. Messer, Esq.
Law Office of David S. Messer, Esq., LLC
Oakhurst, NJ
  Frank P Marciano
Law Office of Frank Marciano
Hoboken, NJ

New Jersey Links and Resources

New Jersey Rental Resources NJ Dept of Community Affairs - Landlord-Tenant Information Service
Variety of official resources from the State of New Jersey for both landlords and tenants.

New Jersey Judiciary - FAQ About NJ Landlord-Tenant Law
Official NJ Courts website, showing Frequently Asked Questions about New Jersey's landlord-tenant laws.

New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs

New Jersey Landlord Clubs
Gloucester County Subgroup, Deptford, NJ
Meeting Time: 2nd Wednesday of the month, 6:00 pm.  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Metropolitan Real Estate Investors Association, Cranford, NJ
Meeting Time: 3rd Monday of every month, 6:30 pm.  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

New Jersey Real Estate Investment Club, Nutley, NJ
Meeting Time: 3rd Wednesday, 6:30 pm., Number of Members: 250  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

New Jersey Real Estate Social Network, NJ
Meeting Time: Main events every 2nd Wednesday of the month (no December event), May is 2nd Thursday. Happy hours every 4th Thursday of the month (no December event)., Number of Members: 750  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

South Jersey Investors, Inc., Collingswood, NJ
Meeting Time: 3rd Tuesday, 6:00 pm., Number of Members: 800  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

New Jersey Real Estate Investment Articles

New Jersey Rental Articles
New Jersey Landlord Tenant Law and Regulations
Posted August 07, 2009
It’s important when creating a New Jersey Rental Lease Agreement that you are in compliance with state regulations. Below are some important points that have been provided in a Question and Answer format by and David S. Messer, Esq.

Fair Housing Enforcement Expands & Evolves: What You Need to Know
Posted April 15, 2014
Federal and state regulators are cracking down on Fair Housing violations, which have grown subtle, complex and often misunderstood.

RealtyTrac Backpedals & Reverses Move to Display Controversial Neighborhood Data
Posted April 08, 2014
RealtyTrac reversed course this week, rescinding its recent move to include comprehensive additional data alongside real estate listings.

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