Smoke-Free Property Addendum

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Add the Smoke-Free Property Addendum to your lease to notify your tenants that smoking on or around the premises is not permitted.

Document Last Modified: 3/27/2023

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Picture this, you have a lovely condominium that you rent out. It has a wide-open window view over the ocean front and sandy beaches. You take very good care of the inside so that it is appealing to your tenants. Your current tenant has just moved out. He was a smoker. At first glance, your beautiful condo looks pretty good. Then, you notice that odor and this is after you notice that the once white as snow walls now contain a yellowish hue. You wipe your index finger across the wall. YUCK! There is a thick over-coating.

I imagine at the moment you have a pretty good picture of what a smoker can do to the inside of your property. Let’s take an imaginary walk to the balcony. There it is to your surprise and disgust, a mound of cigarette butts, ashes and cans full of smelly old stagnant cigarettes.
We are inundated with media talk about how cigarette smoke impacts our health and the health of others; not only directly but also the indirect impact of secondhand-smoke. Not that we do not care about these things, but let’s face it, you have a VERY EXPENSIVE investment that you want to ensure stays in good and rent-able condition as well.

DID YOU KNOW? Many well-qualified tenants will refrain from renting an apartment if there are any signs of smoking? Generally, these are good tenants whom you may be missing out on because you do not have a strict non-smoking policy in place.

Where there may be a problem, there is usually a solution and this is it. Use this Smoke-Free Property Addendum to attach to your leases to make your precious investment safe from the physical hazards of smoke. This premium form is completely editable so you can designate where smoking is allowed, or that it is not permitted anywhere in or about the rental unit.

Smoking is a hot topic. Perhaps that was a really bad attempt at humor; however, this is something that should be taken seriously anyway. There is great information available in our article: "A Smoke-Free Rental Property: Is It Possible to Prohibit Smoking in Your Rental Property?"