Tenant Guest Policy

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Use the Tenant Guest Policy Addendum to set a policy with rules and regulations for your tenant regarding invited guests.

Document Last Modified: 3/18/2022

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With as many situations that can arise, policies must be established. A good tenant guest policy provides guidelines and rules to add to and include as part of your lease. This “ez Landlord Forms’ Tenant Guest Policy Addendum” not only is important for a long-term residential lease, but it is key for the short-term or vacation rental agreement as well.

Experience by many landlords will tell you that it is not uncommon to rent your upscale condominium in the city to a family of four persons, only to find out there are additional inhabitants suddenly occupying the cozy two bedroom. This can present problems you may not have even been aware of. Some include:
  1. Some locales have strict occupancy standards.
  2. There is an increase in the cost of such things like water/sewer that may be included in the rent.
  3. More people staying in the rental unit places additional wear and tear on the living space. Nipping this in the bud by creating a strict guest and visitor policy can avoid problematic scenarios.

The “ezLandlord form's Tenant Guest Policy” will allow landlords to explain the definition of a guest, to ensure that all tenants understand and agree with this term. It provides a limitation on how many consecutive overnight stays are permitted, and the maximum number of guests allowed. It specifically makes the tenant liable for his or her invitee’s behavior.

The landlord may give this to the tenant at any time during the lease but most beneficially at the beginning of the lease. This is an editable form. It allows a landlord to add any extra language that he/she feels is needed. It will also allow a landlord to remove wording that they do not want in the form.
This is a must for every lease, whether a vacation, fixed term, or month-month lease term.