Tenant Welcome Letter

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The friendly Tenant Welcome Letter is a great centerpiece for your new tenant and will provide basic information about the property rules and policies!

Document Last Modified: 8/2/2022

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Welcoming a new tenant into a rental property leads to a busy time for both the landlord and the tenant. From the start of the tenancy, it is important to set the tone for a functional tenant-landlord relationship. It is an ideal time to welcome your tenant, and to remind your tenant of the most important and pressing rules of the property.

Of course, the lease is the defining document for your rental arrangement, but our user-friendly Tenant Welcome Letter answers some common questions in a conversational way as your tenant takes possession of the rental unit. This document is designed to make a smooth introduction for your tenant to his or her new home. The document highlights several key factors in the lease agreement, and puts them in an accessible question and answer format.

It is easy to imagine that every tenant will want to know quick and clear answers to questions such as: “How do I handle repairs that may be needed?” and “What do I do if I lose my key?” The document advises tenants that even small repairs may turn into larger issues, and lets them know that the lease will dictate who will pay for certain repairs. When discussing the scenario of a lost key or a tenant who has become locked out, the document gives the landlord a place to fill in the fee that will be assessed.

The Tenant Welcome Letter does not answer every question a tenant might have, but it does refer your tenants to the lease agreement to find additional helpful information. There are additional guidelines regarding safety, upholding sanitary conditions in the rental unit, and maintaining good relations between neighbors. This document helps give your new tenant a friendly welcome, and makes a good addition to our residential lease agreement.