Pet Addendum

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Use this editable Pet Addendum to lay out the terms of your tenant pet policy at lease signing and minimize the risk of future disputes.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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There are no limitations placed on the collection of a separate pet security deposit.

Non-Refundable Fee's:
No moneys paid to the landlord which are nonrefundable may be designated as a deposit or as part of any deposit. If any moneys are paid to the landlord as a nonrefundable fee, the rental agreement shall be in writing and shall clearly specify that the fee is nonrefundable. If the landlord fails to provide a written rental agreement, the landlord is liable to the tenant for the amount of any fees collected as nonrefundable fees. If the written rental agreement fails to specify that the fee is nonrefundable, the fee must be treated as a refundable deposit under RCW 59.18.260, 59.18.270, and 59.18.280.

A dog may be man’s best friend, but in some cases, they (and other pets) can be a property owner’s worst nightmare. On the other hand, prohibiting animals altogether may severely limit your pool of worthy applicants. If you decide to welcome pets into your rental property, you can use this form and clearly state your expectations for animal care, upkeep, and behavior from the beginning. Include in the form your policies for the repair of any pet-related damage as well. Furthermore, you can add a descriptive depiction of the pet or pets, so there is no confusion regarding what type or how big of a pet you permitted.

This ezLandlordForms Pet Addendum allows you to specify in your lease your conditions for allowing tenant pets. This form includes all the information about the pet, including the type, name, breed, weight/size, age and other. The ezLandlord Forms Pet Addendum includes qualifications, vaccinations, and any applicable registrations.

This form may be included within the lease package and executed with the lease on or before the date of move-in. If the tenant would like to add a pet during a lease term, you may use this form before letting the pet on the premises and only by agreeing to follow all the stipulations you have set forth in the addendum.

What's more is that the ez Landlord Pet Addendum is completely editable. Feel free to add your own terms or even include information regarding any deposits you may want to take to secure your rental against pet damages. Make sure of your individual state's law regarding any extra deposits such as a pet security deposit, to stay in compliance.

Companion pets for the disabled have their own set of rules. It is important to understand and make sure that you are not violating any Fair Housing landlord laws in denying a tenant with a service animal. Be sure to check with the individual state or province where your rental is located for any local fair housing laws.