New Jersey 3 Day Notice to Quit

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This NJ eviction notice is used for a disorderly conduct violation or if a tenant causes damage or destruction to a landlord's property.

Document Last Modified: 7/22/2023

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New Jersey 3 Day Notice to Quit

In the state of New Jersey, issuing a 3 Day Notice to Quit is the first step in the eviction process for tenants who are exhibiting disorderly conduct that’s disruptive to neighbors or other tenants. This notice may also be used if the property exhibits signs of intentional and/or grossly negligent damage or destruction at the fault of the tenant.

Who: As the landlord, you may issue this notice to any tenant displaying disorderly conduct or any tenant who has caused intentional and/or severe destruction or damage to your rental property. This form addresses disorderly conduct and property damage and destruction as they are covered by New Jersey State Law (N.J.S.A. 2A:18-61.1 and 2).

What: In New Jersey, the 3 Day Notice to Quit gives the tenant three days to vacate the premises of the rental property or face eviction. If the tenant does not vacate in three days, you may begin the eviction process.

When: You must give this notice to your tenants no less than three days before you file for eviction in a New Jersey court. Three days after this notice is given, you may legally begin the eviction process.

Before serving a 3 Day Notice to Quit, however, you must first serve a Notice to Cease, which will give the tenant the opportunity to cease disruptive or damaging behavior, or to pay rent with any pertaining late fees. If the tenant fails to cease, then you can serve the 3 Day Notice to Quit before beginning the eviction process.

Note that in New Jersey a 3 Day Notice to Quit must be served to the tenant. This may be done by certified or regular mail, in person, or you may leave the notice posted prominently on the front door. If you are sending the notice by mail, add three business days to the time frame before you file for eviction. In most cases, the best option for landlords is to have an independent third party hand deliver two copies of the 3 Day Notice to Quit, leaving one with the tenant and bringing one back to you with the tenant’s signature.

Before serving a 3 Day Notice to Quit in New Jersey, you may want to go over the terms of your lease again to ensure that your tenant is in fact in violation. Then you can serve your Notice to Cease, followed by the 3 Day Notice to Quit and eviction proceedings.

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