New Jersey Abandoned Property Notice

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This New Jersey Abandoned Property Notice is used when the tenant has abandoned the rental property and left personal property behind.

Document Last Modified: 5/14/2023

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Using The New Jersey Abandoned Property Notice

Landlords may use this form when there has been sufficient evidence or proof that the tenant has abandoned the rental property even in the case when the have vacated and left personal property behind.

This notice can only be used when a landlord has definite evidence or proof that the tenant has vacated the premises or abandoned the property.

Dealing With The Property Left Behind

The landlord may do as they please with the property that has been left by the tenant after notifying the tenant that the property has been considered abandoned and that it will be stored for 30 days. The notice also informs the tenant that after this period has passed, the property will be sold at a public or private sale. If the property is of little value then it may also be disposed of or destroyed.

Storage Period

The landlord must give this notice to the tenant in the most effective and obvious way possible. Then the landlord must wait 30 days before acting and doing what they wish with the abandoned property. The most convenient and effective way to send this notice is often by mail. If a landlord chooses this method then they must extend the period of storing the items to 33 days to allow for the notice to reach the tenant.

What’s Next?

The landlord may proceed and sell or dispose of the property that has been left behind after:

  • This 30 or 33 day period of not hearing from the tenant,
  • The tenant has responded to the notice within the period of time but has not claimed the property.

If the tenant claims the property then the tenant must pay the landlord for removal and storage of the property.

Getting More Information

Landlords and tenants alike can find information about the laws and regulations that apply to their specific housing situation by visiting:

Both parties can also find helpful tips and advice from the experts at EZ Landlord Forms by going to:

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