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New Jersey Rental Agreement

New Jersey Rental Agreement Forms and Landlord Resources

New Jersey landlords and property managers are up against some very specific guidelines which must be met in order to be in compliance with New Jersey landlord-tenant laws. To begin with, all residential rental properties except owner occupied properties with no more than two units are required to be registered. Any landlord or property manager who fails to register a rental property will not only face a hefty fine, but will also be in jeopardy of being unable to proceed with an eviction if and when the time comes. Restrictions such as this one are the reason we designed our leases to include New Jersey assist throughout the lease. New Jersey assist guides landlords and property managers through all of the legal requirements for New Jersey landlord-tenant laws so you’re never faced with any legal surprises.

Not only do we ensure New Jersey landlords and property managers are in compliance with landlord-tenant laws, we didn’t stop there. We also wanted you to have as many resources as you need to manage your rentals as proficiently as possible, thus we have included tenant screenings for your convenience. We also know that there may be times when you need a one-on-one consultation with an attorney, so we put together a directory of New Jersey attorneys. And we wouldn’t dare forget that you may have questions about managing your properties or handling your tenants from time to time and may need to access our forum. You may pose any questions you have whether legal or just practical everyday how to questions. It’s your choice. Last but not least, you can always click in the upper right hand corner to speak with one of our friendly and helpful chat members who will gladly provide any form related or technical guidance you may need.

By now you may be thinking, ‘wow that’s a lot of resources’, but we still have more that you can check out for yourself by just clicking the resources tab.

New Jersey Residential Lease Agreements

New Jersey Lease Our New Jersey lease agreement package is loaded with benefits New Jersey landlords and property managers can appreciate beginning with the ease of use. We realize you’re busy and don’t have the time to waste trying to figure out complicated software to create your lease. No worries with our ez lease builder wizard which makes it possible to create your lease in seven easy steps and just a few minutes. Also, no more running around trying to find accompanying forms, they’re included. We have every form imaginable from required addenda to tenant violation notices and everything in between. And if that’s not enough, the entire package is emailable so if you’re ever running behind, all you have to do is email the package to your tenant and voila’. Done.

New Jersey Landlord Forms

New Jersey Rental Forms New Jersey Truth in Renting Guide
The New Jersey Truth in Renting Guide is a summary of existing laws, regulations and court cases and must be given to each tenant.

New Jersey 30 Day Notice to Quit
This New Jersey 30 day eviction notice is served when the renter has violated the lease agreement other than non-payment of rent, before filing eviction.

New Jersey Eviction Law
New Jersey Eviction law is complcated. This information article contains the text of that law.

New Jersey Security Deposit Law
This is the New Jersey Security Deposit Law. The New Jersey Security Deposit Law specifies how a landlord must collect, maintain, and return a security deposit. Under this law, a security deposit is money that belongs to the tenant but is held by the landlord in trust. New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Division of Codes and Standards Landlord-Tenant Information Service-SECURITY DEPOSIT LAW N.J.S.A. 46:8-19 THROUGH 26

New Jersey Lease Agreement with eSign
Now with eSign!!! New Jersey's landlord-tenant laws are more complex than most, so our NJ lease agreement wizard explains state laws as you fill in the blanks.

New Jersey Window Guard Disclosure
This Window Guard Disclosure is used to verify that the New Jersey tenant received the window guard notification verbally.

New Jersey Security Deposit Receipt Disclosure
This New Jersey Security Deposit Receipt Disclosure is required with NJ leases, to document where the security deposit is held and at what interest rate.

Browse more New Jersey rental forms here.

New Jersey Attorneys

New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Attorneys
Brian C. Freeman
Law Offices of Brian C. Freeman, LLC
Jersey City, NJ
  Christopher Chiacchio
Russell, Laughlin & Chiacchio
Cherry Hill, NJ
David S. Messer, Esq.
Law Office of David S. Messer, Esq., LLC
Oakhurst, NJ
  Frank P Marciano
Law Office of Frank Marciano
Hoboken, NJ

New Jersey Links and Resources

New Jersey Rental Resources NJ Dept of Community Affairs - Landlord-Tenant Information Service
Variety of official resources from the State of New Jersey for both landlords and tenants.

New Jersey Judiciary - FAQ About NJ Landlord-Tenant Law
Official NJ Courts website, showing Frequently Asked Questions about New Jersey's landlord-tenant laws.

New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs

New Jersey Landlord Clubs
Gloucester County Subgroup, Deptford, NJ
Meeting Time: 2nd Wednesday of the month, 6:00 pm.  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Metropolitan Real Estate Investors Association, Cranford, NJ
Meeting Time: 3rd Monday of every month, 6:30 pm.  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

New Jersey Real Estate Investment Club, Nutley, NJ
Meeting Time: 3rd Wednesday, 6:30 pm., Number of Members: 250  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

New Jersey Real Estate Social Network, NJ
Meeting Time: Main events every 2nd Wednesday of the month (no December event), May is 2nd Thursday. Happy hours every 4th Thursday of the month (no December event)., Number of Members: 750  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

South Jersey Investors, Inc., Collingswood, NJ
Meeting Time: 3rd Tuesday, 6:00 pm., Number of Members: 800  More New Jersey Real Estate Investment Clubs »

New Jersey Real Estate Investment Articles

New Jersey Rental Articles
New Jersey Landlord Tenant Law and Regulations
Posted August 7, 2009
New Jersey landlord-tenant law is complex, but our summary below helps explain the basics, particularly for lease and landlord regulations.

My Tenant Backed Out of the Lease - Now What?
Posted December 22, 2016
You gathered a pile of applications for your rental property. You narrowed it to several finalists and, after screening a few backgrounds, you finally settled on the best candidate for your next tenant. Now, that tenant is backing out of the lease at the very last minute. What should you do, besides tearing your hair out? It depends on whether or not the tenant signed your lease agreement, and whether you obtained a Hold Deposit. Also, did your lease include an Early Termination clause? Know the answers to these questions before reading further - they matter!

Why Does Eviction Take So Long?
Posted December 13, 2016
You want your tenants out and you want them out today. You have been more than patient, your tenants are taking advantage of you, and things are only going to get worse. So, why can't you just kick them out immediately? Wouldn't any judge understand that eviction is appropriate under these typical scenarios? • Tenants haven't paid rent in months. • Tenants let other people move in and never told you or asked permission. • The last time tenants let you in to inspect, you saw the unit was trashed. These examples – among many others – are lease violations and landlords do not have to put up with them. And, yes, action is definitely called for. Unfortunately, far too many landlords make wrong assumptions about the action they are per

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