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Did you know New York landlords and property managers of 6 or more units in a building are allowed to keep 1% of security deposit monies for administrative expenses with the remaining interest either paid annually to the tenant or left in an interest bearing account based on tenant’s choice? Well, if you’re managing rental properties in New York State, it is just one of many landlord-tenant laws you should be aware of.

Managing rental properties is no easy feat, thus the reason we offer help in the form of forums where NY landlords and property managers can post any questions they have about how to manage their tenants or properties. It’s the reason we have a live chat with real people available to assist when you have questions about the site or our forms, and it’s the reason we provide an expansive article database covering every topic imaginable in the residential rental industry and real estate in general. Are you getting the picture that you’re not alone in this?

You don’t have to worry when it comes to managing your residential properties in New York. We have your back every step of the way from our huge collection of forms, live support, and referrals to outside resources like your local New York investment clubs. Visit our Resources page to get started utilizing some of our many resources.

New York Residential Lease Agreements

New York Lease The New York lease package offers so many features to be excited about including State Assist to help guide you through NY landlord-tenant mandates, attorney sanctioned to ensure compliance, and a complete package of forms you’ll need to manage your rentals smoothly. We could go on, but know you’ll want to begin creating so you can see for yourself. One more thing, you can copy, edit and email your lease and accompanying forms as well. Now you can begin.

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New York Landlord Forms

New York Rental Forms New York How To Prepare for a Landlord Tenant Trial
This booklet may help you understand the general rules and procedures of a Housing Court trial.

Written by Hon. Magaret Cammer,
Civil Court of the City of New York.

New York Demand For Rent
Before a non-payment court proceeding occurs, the outstanding rent must be demanded giving the tenant at least 3 days to pay the rent.

New York - Buffalo Rental Registry Information
In Buffalo, NY it is required to register all rental units that are non-owner occupied and one or two family properties.

Buffalo Disclosure of Smoking Policy
The City of Buffalo in the State of New York requires the landlord to disclose a smoking policy, according to Chapter 264- Rental Dwelling Unit Registration. (1 page)

New York City Bed Bug Infestation Disclosure
This disclosure contains a notice that sets forth the property’s bedbug infestation history. In accordance with NYC Housing Maintenance Code, Landlords must furnish each Tenant with this such disclosure. (page 1)

New York City Required Annual Notice -Window Guards and Lead Paint
New York City law requires that tenants living in buildings with 3 or more apartments complete this form and return it to their landlord before February 15, each year.

New York City Window Guard Notice (Lease Addendum)
Landlords in New York City must install window guards in any apartment in which a child under the age of ten resides and in apartments where the tenant requests window guards, even if a child under ten does not reside in the apartment. Landlords are required to provide tenants with a form stating whether there are children residing in a household and to request installation of window guards. (1 page)

NYC Child Notice for Lead Paint Compliance
This is the NYC Child Notice for Lead Paint Compliance. The law requires annual notifications by owners to all occupants as well as to occupants upon lease-up, lease renewal, and agreement to lease if there are children under 6 years of age residing in the unit. (1 page)

NYC Increase in Rent (for Rent Controlled Units)
This is the NYC Increase in Rent (for Rent Controlled Units). The rent control program generally applies to residential buildings constructed before February 1947 in municipalities that have not declared an end to the postwar rental housing emergency. A total of 51 municipalities have rent control, including New York City.

NYC Lease Renewal for Rent Stabilized Housing
This is the NYC Lease Renewal for Rent Stabilized Housing. Generally, tenants in rent stabilized apartments are offered renewal leases. The renewal lease can be for a term of one or two years, at the tenant's choice and is at a rate set by the local Rent Guidelines Board.

NYC Lease Renewal Form - EPTA
This is the NYC Lease Renewal Form - EPTA. This notice is for renewal of a lease for tenants enrolled within The Emergency Protection Act.

New York City Rent Stabilized Rider (Form RA-LR1)
This is the New York City Rent Stabilized Rider. By law, an owner must include a copy of the Rent Stabilization Rider with a tenant's vacancy and renewal lease. The Rider describes the rights and obligations of tenants and owners under the Rent Stabilization Law. The Rider is for informational purposes only. (9 pages)

New York Lease Agreement
This New York lease agreement package is customizable, and can optionally include New York City or Buffalo additional disclosures as well as guidance with New York state regulations.

New York Notice to Vacate
This New York form gives a tenant, who violated the lease, a specific amount of days to cure the violation or vacate the premises.

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New York Attorneys

New York Landlord-Tenant Attorneys
David A. Kaminsky
David A. Kaminsky & Associates, P.C.
New York, NY
  Eric H. Kahan
Sperber Denenberg & Kahan, PC
New York, NY
Miriam Breier, Esq.
Breier Deutschmeister Urban & Fromme P.C.
New York, NY
  Nels M. Johnson, Attorney at Law
Sole Practitioner
Buffalo, NY

New York Links and Resources

New York Rental Resources New York City - A Tenant's Guide to Housing Court
This Guide is designed for tenants to the Housing Part of the Civil Court of the City of New York but is a great resource for the Landlord. Cases (lawsuits) to collect rent, evict tenants and enforce rights regarding housing conditions are brought in the Housing Court.

New York Instructions for Annual Window Guard Notice
Instructions for Landlords for the Annual Notice to Tenant or Occupant in Buildings with 3 or More Apartments Protecting Children from Window Falls and Lead Poisoning

New York Office of the Attorney Generals Office-Tenant Rights
Very good information on Landlord Tenant Regulations for New York as well as updated information on Rent Stablization.

New York Real Estate Investment Clubs

New York Landlord Clubs
Greater Westchester Real Estate Investors Association (GWREIA), New Rochelle, NY
Meeting Time: 4th Tuesday, 6:30 pm., Number of Members: 100  More New York Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Mid-Hudson Valley REIA, Poughkeepsie , NY
Meeting Time: 3rd Wednsday of each month, 7:00 pm  More New York Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Real Estate Investors Association of NYC , New York, NY
Meeting Time: 2nd Wednesday of Every Month, 6:30 PM  More New York Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Upstate New York Real Estate Investors, Rochester, NY

Meeting Time: 4th Thursday, 7:00 pm., Number of Members: 150  More New York Real Estate Investment Clubs »

New York Real Estate Investment Articles

New York Rental Articles
New York Landlord Tenant Law and Regulations
Posted March 15, 2010
It’s important when creating a New York Rental Lease Agreement that you are in compliance with state regulations. Below are some important points that have been provided in a Question and Answer format by

Six Common Legal Mistakes Made by Real Estate Investors
Posted July 08, 2014
Dotting i's and crossing t's for legal compliance may not be the sexiest part of real estate investing, but smart investors play defense too.

Editorial: Why Real Estate Professionals (& All Business Owners) Should Offer Military Discounts
Posted July 04, 2014
Military service members have given a great deal for our society, so EZ Landlord Forms is proud to propose the Military Discount Movement.

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