NYC Lease Renewal Form - EPTA Form RTP-8

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This NYC Lease Renewal Form allows landlords to renew a lease with tenants that are enrolled within The Emergency Protection Act.

Document Last Modified: 4/10/2024

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When the lease term is ending, renewing the lease can cause added stress for landlords and tenants. Making sure everyone is on the same accord is very important. Landlords may use this New York City lease renewal form to recommence their lease if their tenants are enrolled in The Emergency Protection Act.

This document is for renewal of a lease under the rules of the Emergency Tenant Protection Regulations. Although this form appears simplistic, owners and tenants should be careful reading instruction prior to filling out or signing this document. Also, it is imperative that this document be made available in Spanish upon request of the tenant.

There are instructions listed on the reverse side of the document that ensure that the landlord and tenant are aware of their rights. This document must follow the same stipulations in the lease that is expiring. If the landlord chooses to include further terms or to their original lease agreement, it must be signed by both parties and attached to the ETPA Renewal Lease Form.

The document is split into two parts. Part A is for the owner; it contains all the additional options the landlord can incorporate. Part B is for the tenant. The tenant must check the options he or she chooses, then fill out that section. From there, the tenant must sign and date the bottom. If both parties reach mutual agreement, then one copy of the signed ETPA Lease Renewal Form returned to the owner by certified mail within 60 days of receipt.

By downloading this form from ezLandlordform's, landlords can save time and headaches by getting quick access to the form from our site. Simple click DOWNLOAD/PRINT to open the document in Adobe Reader. You can then save the document to your computer or print it out.

Note: This document is available in a pdf format only and can easily be printed from any computer or capable device.

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