New York City Rent-Stabilized Rider (Form RA-LR1)

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This New York City Rent Stabilized Rider must be included with all new NYC rental agreements and lease renewal agreements for rent-controlled units. (Updated 2022)

Document Last Modified: 4/6/2023

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If you have ever rented property in another state or city you may realize that New York City has a lot of regulations governing the landlord-tenant relationship and numerous restrictions on what landlords are able to do. All of these regulations can be slightly overwhelming and certainly difficult to keep track of. Luckily, the New York City Rent Stabilized Rider form (also known as Form RA-LR1) contains all of the information necessary to comply with New York City Rent Stabilization Law.

The New York City Rent Stabilized Rider is a form required for all rent-stabilized apartments in NYC. New York law requires all owners include a copy of the Rent Stabilization Rider with the New York lease agreement and NYC Rent-Controlled Unit Renewal Form. The New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal issues this rider according to the Rent Stabilization Law. The Rider supplies the landlord and tenant with general knowledge about their rights and responsibilities under the Rent Stabilization code, as well as the rights and obligations of property owners and landlords.

This form includes the guidelines for rent increases, as well as security deposits. It also includes information regarding tenant’s ability to sublet or assign the rental property and when an owner may refuse to renew a lease. It also includes the contact information for numerous locations of the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. While the document is intended for tenant, much of the information included in the New York City Rent Stabilized Rider form is also helpful for landlords and property owners. The document is informational only and does not modify or become part of the lease. The form also comes in pdf format and can easily be attached as an addendum to the lease document or lease renewal.

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IMPORTANT: This document is required by New York City law and failure to include this Rider in the lease or lease renewal may result in a fine or penalty against the owner.