New York City Indoor Allergen Disclosure

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New York City Landlords of buildings with three or more Rental Units must comply with specific regulations to reduce the risk of indoor allergens like mold and pests. This form outlines those requirements and serves as a disclosure that documents a Landlord's compliance with all requirements.

Document Last Modified: 5/8/2023

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New York City’s Indoor Allergen Law and Required Disclosures

New York City Administrative Code Section 27-2017 provides regulations for how Landlords of dwellings with 3 or more units must deal with mold and pests. Pursuant to the Administrative Code, Landlords of multiple unit dwellings must:

  • Fix all visible mold and pest infestations in the Rental Unit prior to the start of the Lease term.
  • Repair any underlying defects - for example, leaks or cracks - that increase the risk of mold or pests.
  • Conduct an annual inspection for allergen hazards and address any identified hazards.
  • Respond to Tenant's complaints or requests for an allergen hazard inspection.
  • Thoroughly clean and vacuum any carpet or furniture provided in the Rental Unit.
  • Annually provide Tenants with the following pamphlet, “What Tenants Should Know About Indoor Allergens.”

Our Indoor Allergen Disclosure makes it EZ for Landlords to understand these requirements, disclose all requirements to Tenants, and document their compliance with allergen and mold requirements.

The form can be customized online in about 5 minutes and serves as an Addendum to the New York Lease Agreement.

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