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Kentucky Rental Agreement

Kentucky Rental Agreement Forms and Landlord Resources

A landlord in Kentucky must wear many hats at once. When you want to stay organized and protected, and do it at an affordable rate, ezLandlordForms is your one-stop-shop. We offer tools and resources to help you every step of the way, beginning before you even settle on your investment property, and helping you complete every stage of interaction with your tenants. Our site is comprehensive and offers something for first-time investors and experienced landlords alike.

Our site is organized to help you learn, manage, and grow, and be sure you’re doing it all according to Kentucky’s Landlord-Tenant regulations. In fact, we offer a convenient summary of those laws, which is a great place to start. Our KY Assist tips will also point out key Kentucky provisions when you fill out our lease agreement. You can find out more about industry trends by reading our helpful articles. We have resources to help you connect with other real estate professionals, too. Use our handy directories to locate a local real estate investing club or attorney. When you want to know more about your prospective tenant, our tenant screening service is quick and affordable. Our management tools help you maximize your time and investment. You only need to enter all your key information once, and with our auto-fill technology, creating new forms and documents for your existing tenants is a breeze. When you run into a sticky situation, rely on our community of experts by posting your question to the online forum.

You can be sure your time at ezLandlordForms will be well-spent; you can find all the resources you need as a Kentucky landlord at our site! We’ll help you make the most of your investment, and provide you all the tools you need to succeed, right at your fingertips. Our customer chat can help you find just the right product for you or offer technical assistance. You have nothing to lose – your free account lets you try our site out to see just how much we have to offer!

Kentucky Residential Lease Agreements

Kentucky Lease As a landlord, you have many draws on your time and energy, but creating a customized lease agreement doesn’t have to be one of them. Using our lease builder wizard, you can draw up your lease just by answering questions about the rental terms you want. We guarantee our product complies with Kentucky law, including real-time updates to our documents and exclusive KY Assist tips to make sure you know about Tenant-Landlord regulations. It’s easy to get started today with your free account, just click Create New Lease to launch the Kentucky lease builder.

Kentucky Landlord Forms

Kentucky Rental Forms Kentucky Official Forcible Detainer Complaint
The landlord may file this Forcible Detainer Complaint the day following the expiration of the notice period, provided the tenant remains in non-compliance.

Kentucky Lease Agreement with eSign
Now with eSign!!! Our Kentucky rental agreement is both quick and thorough, allowing customization and informing you of Kentucky laws as you create the lease.

Kentucky 7 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
Use the Kentucky 7 Day Notice when rent is past due. The landlord must serve a written notice granting either 7 days to pay or they must vacate the premises.

Kentucky 14 Day Notice to Vacate
If the tenant violates the lease twice within 6 months, the landlord may serve the tenant with a Kentucky Notice To Vacate, with no option to cure and stay.

Kentucky 14 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate
Use this Kentucky form when a tenant violates a provision of the lease, excluding non-payment of rent. This grants them 14 days to cure or vacate the premises.

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Kentucky Attorneys

Kentucky Landlord-Tenant Attorneys
Bradley Fox, Esq.
Fox & Scott, PLLC
Covington, KY
  Dennis R. Carrithers
Dennis R. Carrithers, Attorney at Law
Louisville, KY
Gregory T. Taylor
Gregory T. Taylor, Esq.
Murray, KY

Kentucky Links and Resources

Kentucky Rental Resources Kentucky Court of Justice Web-site
The American Judicial System and our legal processes are often misunderstood by citizens. This web site is designed to answer some of your questions about Kentucky's Court of Justice, one of our three branches of government, and to familiarize you with its operation. It includes information and forms to use in Landlord Tenant situations.

Kentucky Landlord Tenant Legislature
Kentucky Legislature Revised Statutes Last Updated June 21, 2005

Kentucky Real Estate Investment Clubs

Kentucky Landlord Clubs
Northern Kentucky Real Estate Investors Association, Covinton, KY
Meeting Time: 2nd Wednesday, 6:00 to 7:00 PM  More Kentucky Real Estate Investment Clubs »

The Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Apartment Association, KY
Meeting Time: See Website  More Kentucky Real Estate Investment Clubs »

The Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Association, Louisville, KY
Meeting Time: 4th Thursday of every month, 5:30 pm.  More Kentucky Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Kentucky Real Estate Investment Articles

Kentucky Rental Articles
Kentucky Landlord Tenant Law and Regulations
Posted September 28, 2009
Kentucky has unique landlord-tenant laws, so we summarize their lease regulations here in Q&A format for fast and easy reference.

Should I Call My Tenant's Previous Landlords?
Posted November 28, 2016
Applicants for your rental property completed their forms, agreed to a background checked and showed you recent pay stubs to verify their income. You've met with them and have a good feeling in your gut. It's decision time, right? Well, not quite. You have a few more questions to ask before you should sign a lease with these applicants. But the answers are only a phone call away. Obtain your applicant's permission, and then reach out to current and former landlords and interview them. These people have, or had, a relationship with your applicant. Ask if the tenant pays or paid rent on time. Ask if they took care of the unit during their time there. Ask whether neighbors ever complained about the tenant.

The Accidental Landlord: Should We Try Renting Out Our Old House?
Posted November 14, 2016
Carrie Kirby and her family faced a tough choice when they left Chicago in 2012 to return to California. The Chicago Tribune columnist wrote about having to decide between selling her and her husband's Illinois home at a loss or becoming landlords. They chose the latter. Many homeowners confront this same scenario, as circumstances force a family to move. It could be landing a new job, searching for better schools or even inheriting a property. With the housing market beginning to pick up, many hope that selling the old house will be a snap, but the fear is that if it doesn't sell quickly, there will be two mortgages to pay.

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