Kentucky 7 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

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Use the Kentucky 7 Day Notice when rent is past due. The landlord must serve a written notice granting either 7 days to pay or they must vacate the premises.

Document Last Modified: 4/29/2023

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The Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (URLTA) in Kentucky dictates how landlords must proceed in cases where tenants fail to pay rent on time. The first step is a 7-day notice to pay rent or quit the premises. A specific eviction process is followed in counties covered under the act.

The served notice must contain due amount demanded, and the tenant understands that on expiry of 7 days after the notice is served, the only option left is to pay or vacate the said premises. Clear reference must be made of legal proceedings to terminate the lease and recover possession of property along with rent arrears and other charges or penalties authorized by the court.

How Notice Is Served:

    The 7-day notice is served in any of the following ways:
  • Copy tacked on the entrance door of the leased property. (Photographs highlighting Service of Notice can be presented in court.)
  • Notice can be served if delivered via certified or registered mail with a request for return receipt, which again can be attached as support document.
  • The best way is to hand-deliver the notice to the principal tenant in the form of a written communication with signature of receipt.

Counties Governed By URLTA

Counties following URLTA guidelines in random order include Covington, Oldham, Florence, Bromley, Barbourville, Georgetown, Bellevue, Fayette, Dayton, Pulaski, Jefferson, Silver, Ludlow, Newport, Melbourne, Woodlawn, Grove, Taylor Mill, Southgate, and Shelbyville.

    What Landlords Must Know
  • A good practice is to clearly explain terms listed at the start of a lease, how payment is collected, and late-payment consequences.
  • All communication must be in writing or via e-mail including sequential notices sent to a tenant as reminders for rent payment. The tenant is constantly reminded of the 7-day notice to follow, if rent is in arrears.
  • Landlords have to serve a 30-day notice for non-payment of rent, if the leased property is located in a county not governed by URLTA regulations.
  • To avoid pitfalls arising in an eviction case, landlords can refer to

Writ For Forcible Detainer Follows The 7-Day Notice

After the 7-day notice period ends, legal action begins in connection with forcible detainer. A writ following the Kentucky eviction process is issued. The writ clearly indicates where and when the hearing is held.

Kentucky Rental Forms and Templates

  • Rental Application: Our Free Rental Application is the best way to start Tenant Screening. It’s the EZ way to gather important information about an Applicant and get the necessary authorizations to run important screening reports.
  • Tenant Welcome Letter: This customizable welcome letter is the perfect way to share important information with new renters and ensure they have all the info they need to take great care of your rental unit.
  • Rent Ledger: It’s important to document all rent payments. This is helpful at tax time and vital if a Tenant ever misses a rent payment. Our rent ledger is the EZ way to keep track of all rent payments.
  • Kentucky 7-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit: This form should be used if a Tenant is late with rent. It gives a Tenant 7 days to either pay rent or vacate the property.
  • Kentucky 14-Day Notice to Cure or Vacate: Use this form for a Lease violation other than nonpayment of rent. It gives a Tenant 14 days to either cure the Lease violation or vacate the property.
  • Kentucky 14-Day Notice to Vacate: If a Tenant violates the Lease twice within the past 6 months, the Landlord may use this form. It gives the Tenant no option to cure the Lease violation and requires the Tenant to vacate the property.
  • Kentucky Official Forcible Detainer Complaint: This form initiates eviction proceedings in Kentucky. A Landlord may file it the day after a notice period expires assuming a Tenant remains in noncomplianc

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