Pool/Hot Tub Addendum (Non-Community)

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If your rental property has an on-site pool or hot tub, use this addendum to establish safety, maintenance, and upkeep standards.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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If you are a landlord who bestows upon your tenants the sole use of a personal pool, hot tub or whirlpool, this is a must-have document! It is a customization template that outlines the tenant’s pool cleaning and maintenance responsibilities. You can even insert your own text spelling out any specific how-to’s or restrictions in or around the rental property’s pool or hot tub. In addition, this addendum also sets forth safety guidelines and can limit the property owner’s liability in the case of an injury sustained in the pool or hot tub. In keeping with the fully editable model, the landlord may also delete any text as (s)he wishes.

This Pool/Hot Tub Addendum should be given by all owner/landlords to every tenant where the rental premises includes a private pool or hot tub.

Make sure that you check with your local housing and zoning office for any specific regulations that may exist. Beware of tenants wanting to install their own equipment without checking on such guidelines. Don’t forget, it does not matter who is providing this amenity if certain required safety measures are not followed in the installation and the use. There are cases where landlords have been fined for not gaining proper certifications or permits required for a swimming pool after a tenant installs one. Even worse, if someone is hurt in a swimming pool that is not properly installed or permit-approved, a landlord may still be liable for injuries or death even it is installed by the tenant.

If you have a pool or a jacuzzi tub, then make sure that you complete and add this addendum to your lease package.

Please Note: This form is NOT for pool or hot tubs located in a community setting. It is only for a pool or hot tub located on an individual premises.

TIP: Many states have their own requirements like Arizona which provides their own residential pool safety notice .