Security Deposit Receipt & Disclosure

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The Security Deposit Receipt & Disclosure serves as a verification of security deposit payment, and confirms location/interest rate of where it is being held.

Document Last Modified: 3/27/2023

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There are no restrictions on the maximum amount that may be collected as a security deposit, however;
  • The landlord must provide an inspection checklist signed by both parties stating the condition and cleanliness of the premises along with a written rental agreement.
  • The landlord must describe in the lease the conditions under which a deposit may be retained.
  • The landlord must place the deposit in a trust account in Washington and give the tenant a receipt indicating its location.

IMPORTANT:If any type of fee or refundable deposit is being paid, the agreement must be in writing.

During a tenancy, when any money is paid it is highly recommended and very important to receive or distribute a receipt, and to keep a copy for your personal records. This begins at the very beginning of the tenancy, including the collection of a security deposit. Many rules and regulations regarding the security deposit vary state by state, but the essential fact remains that the tenant should be receipted when he or she pays this amount. This receipt and disclosure fulfills the responsibility of providing a receipt to the tenant, and allows both parties to have a record of the transfer of the security deposit and where it will be held.

The ezLandlord Forms Security Deposit Receipt and Disclosure will allow the landlord to confirm that he or she received the monies for the security deposit, and record the amount received. The security deposit is an essential bit of insurance for the landlord. These monies can be used at the termination of the tenancy to repair damages left by the vacating tenant. In some cases the landlord may be able to recoup other losses through the use of the security deposit as well.

The form also informs the tenant of where the security deposit is being held during the tenancy, and also indicates what interest rate it will earn, if any. Laws regarding where the deposit may be held may vary by state, so landlords should be careful to be sure they understand their state and local laws regarding security deposits.

A completed Security Deposit Receipt and Disclosure can be accomplished in just a few simple steps, thanks to ezLandlordForms Autofill technology. When completing this form, landlords can select their tenant from a popup window, and all of the pertinent address and mailing information will be automatically included in the final, professional document. The text of this document is also fully editable, and once completed, this document can even be included as part of your ezLandlordForms Lease Package.