Nevada 3 Day Notice to Quit

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This 3 day notice is given to the tenant for specific violations listed in NRS 40.2514.

Document Last Modified: 7/12/2023

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Nevada 3 Day Notice to Quit

A landlord can use the Nevada 3 Day Notice to Quit when they want the tenant to leave the property or when they would like to bring the tenant through the legal eviction process after they have violated the lease agreement as per the Nevada Revised Statutes. These statutes outline the violations that this form can be used for.

They include the tenant:

  • Subletting the unit without the landlord’s permission,
  • Committing or allowing waste on or around the property,
  • Operating an unlawful business on the rental premises,
  • Committing violations against controlled substance laws.

This notice can be used in the case where a tenant has been found in violation of one or a combination of the outlined cases above. Once this form has been delivered, the tenant has 3 days to vacate the property before the landlord will move forward with legal proceedings. These legal processes will result in the tenant being forcibly removed from the property.

For advice on going through with an eviction, landlords can visit: Move Out and Eviction

Landlords can find legal forms and advice on Nevada laws at:

The Details Included In The Form

The form itself is extremely specific about the violations that have occurred and all information regarding the tenant and the circumstances. The form includes the name of the tenant and the address of the property as well as the contact details of the landlord. The possible violations have been listed on the form and the landlord simply needs to mark the ones that the tenant is guilty of.

The form also asks for specifics of the incidents as well as for the specifics of the delivery of the form from the landlord to the tenant. The landlord has three options when serving the notice. They can hand deliver the form to the tenant and have the tenant sign and date the form for proof of delivery. The landlord may also leave the form with another resident at the premises or by posting a copy in an obvious place on the premises. We recommend serving the notice personally to the tenant, if the landlord is able, to ensure the 3 day period cannot be disputed and begins as soon as possible.

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