Nevada 5 Day Notice to Quit for Lease Violation

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This eviction notice is used when a tenant breaks the lease terms OTHER than non-payment of rent, and other than those listed for the 3 day notice.

Document Last Modified: 7/12/2023

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Evicting A Tenant

The first step in evicting a tenant is normally out of the hands of the landlord. The tenant must first violate the lease agreement for the process to begin. This violation can be big or small and is often specific to the particular agreement that was established between the landlord and the tenant.

Once a tenant has violated the agreement, the landlord can proceed by following these steps:

  • Provide notice to the tenant to either comply or vacate the property. In some cases, the tenant is only asked to leave and is not given the chance to cure the violation.
  • The landlord must wait the prescribed amount of time for the tenant to meet their demands.
  • If the tenant has not complied with the notice, then the landlord may file in court to formally evict the tenant.
  • If the court rules in favor of the landlord then an eviction date will be scheduled with the local authorities to forcibly remove the tenants from the property.

If the landlord follows all of the appropriate legal processes, then the court will be able to easily rule in favor of the landlord. If the landlord uses unconventional techniques or methods of persuading the tenants then the ruling may take more time or may be inconclusive.

For further tips on how to evict a tenant without problems, landlords can visit: Move Out and Eviction

When To Use The Nevada 5 Day Notice To Quit For Violation of Rental Agreement

A landlord should use the 5 Day Notice to Quit for Violation of Rental Agreement when the tenant has violated the lease agreement for reasons other than non-payment of rent.

This form should also NOT be used if the following violations have been made:

  • Subletting the unit without the landlord’s permission,
  • Committing or allowing waste on or around the property,
  • Operating an unlawful business on the rental premises,
  • Committing violations against controlled substance laws.

If any of these problems have taken place then the landlord should use the 3 Day Notice to Quit form.

Important Details

It is crucial for a landlord to remember that they must wait the 5 day period from the time that the tenant receives the notice before filing for a hearing in court. Landlords should also note that this notice in particular needs to be printed and then completed.

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